The organization got its name from a great serbian field marshal Živojin Mišić,
who demonstrated incredible knowledge, innovative thinking,
and capabilities for strategic planning
These are skills that every good entrepreneur should have.

The Organization for Inspiring Entrepreneurship “Živojin Mišić” was founded in 2013 in Belgrade out of desire to improve society and support entrepreneurship as a formula for economic prosperity and recovery of the country.

The organization was founded by a Serbian company “Prelovac Media” (today “Devana Technologies“) at the initiative of its employees. The original creator of the idea was Vladimir Prelovac, company founder and president of the organization. The company decided to invest a part of its profits in this idea in order to enrich the programs and projects of the organization, and to inspire young people and show them the path that will lead them to success.

As a non-governmental and non-profit association, the organization invests all of the resources in its own projects and carries them out with the generous help and advice of associates and friends. The organization decides on its own how the funds will be allocated, which of the social issues will it try to resolve using its own initiative or a project, and where to focus its strategy. Once it was founded, stabilised and had its ideas and goals well structured, the organization successfully realized its first projects – “The new hopes of chess“ and “Serbian Teaching Awards“ in 2014. Using these projects, the organization found the essence of the problem, that is, the source of good qualities and skills people have – chess and strategic thinking, and the education of youth and their versatility.

Every project of the “Živojin Mišić” Organization that came after was driven by an idea to inspire young people in every possible way to be brave, innovative, shrewd and to create their own opportunities, in one word – to become entrepreneurs themselves.

Our guiding principle is to care about the progress of children in Serbia and those who have the power to bring them on the right path and turn them into great and stable people.


Serbia in which entrepreneurship has become ubiquitous.


Through innovative projects we wish to systematically develop entrepreneurial spirit and ambition among young people.


The desire to improve the society and give it back a portion of the profit
has resulted in founding of the Organization for Inspiring Entrepreneurship in Serbia.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe that starting your own business, self-employment and employment of others
are a sure way to ensure economic progress and recovery of the country.

We wish to inspire, encourage and teach young people
how to engage in developing their own products and to raise awareness about its importance.

The work of the Organization is supported by

  • After successful business cooperation with Devana, the CBS International company has decided to financially support the goals and activities of the Organization in order to change things for the better with joined forces. Thank you for recognizing our positive ideas!


We wish to inspire and encourage young people to engage themselves in entrepreneurship
and to raise awareness about its importance.

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