Schools from Prijepolje received their copies of books

The Cultural Center of Prijepolje hosted the lecture "How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 tips for a successful career"for high school students and teachers from Prijepolje, as well as representatives of schools in Nova Varoš. Dragan Varagić, one of the authors of the book, gave a lecture in order to encourage them to think that there are jobs in Serbia, but that they should have enough knowledge and skills to be successful.

The Primary School, the School of Economics and Commerce and the Technical School received 15 books for their libraries, while the Gymnasium and the Technical School from Nova Varoš got 5 copies of the books.

We would like to thank the Cultural Center Prijepolje on the allocated space and Dragan Kuveljić, one of the Best Educators in 2014 for unselfish help in organizing lectures.


Books are donated in Novi Pazar

A lecture was held at the Dom Omladine on Wednesday, 15th of March, for about 50 high school students and teachers from Novi Pazar. Gymnasium, Economic Commerce and Catering and Tourism School got their own copies of the book, and the students and teachers from Raška and Tutin attended the lecture, who took books for the Gymnasium in Raška and Gimnazija and the Technical School in Tutin.

You can find a video lecture present here.

We thank young entrepreneur Ajli Škrijelj, who shared her entrepreneurial experience with the high school students in the city of Novi Pazar, at the hostel room for the promotion and distribution of the book "How to get a job in the 21st century + 444 tips for a successful career" and Haris Imamovic in organization.


Lecture in Krusevac was held in front of 250 students!

On Wednesday, March 15th, a lecture by Dragan Varagić, one of the authors of the book "How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 tips for a successful career", was held on the topic of employment in the modern times in front of 250 high school students. The lecture was attended by teachers and students from Kruševac schools, as well as from Trstenik, Aleksandrovac and Varvarin.

The presentation in Kruševac was held in the White Hall of the Cultural Center Kruševac, attended by 9 schools, and 59 books were distributed. The schools that received books for their libraries are the Kruševac Gymnasium, the Economic School of Commerce, the Medical School, the Polytechnic School "Milutin Milanković", the Music School. For Trstenik books were received by the Vuk Stefanović Karadzic Gymnasium and the Technical School, and the books were also distributed to secondary schools from Aleksandrovac and Varvarin.

You can see the video attachment from the event here.

High school students from Kruševac also had the opportunity to hear from their fellow citizen, Branimir Rakić, today a successful entrepreneur, who shared his experiences about how he came to doing what he likes and what he did as a high school student in order to achieve his dreams.

Association "Živojin Mišić" in cooperation with authors of the book launched a project through which it will distribute to all secondary schools in Serbia several copies of the book "How to get a job in the 21st century + 444 Tips for a successful career". Our aim is to get as many young people as possible with this book and get to know the real needs of the 21st Century and to encourage them to work on themselves, on their knowledge and skills, their ideas and private jobs, and thus in the long run we encourage a more successful economy and society, less unemployment and entrepreneurship.

We thank KC Kruševac at the lecture room and book sharing room, as well as Dragana Milicević and Zoran Asković for their support in organizing lectures.


Lecture was held in Pančevo!

On May 10th, 2016, the Apollo Hall hosted a lecture for about 50 high school students and teachers from Pančevo. The School of Mechanical Engineering and the Nikola Tesla Electrical Engineering School took over their copies of the book, and other students from Pančevo attended the lecture, besides high school students.

We thank the Youth Center Pančevo for the provided lecture room and help with its organization.


Lecture and distribution of the book was organized in Vršac!

A lecture at the Higher School of Vocational Studies for Educators in Vršac was attended by around 150 students from the 4 Vršac Schools, as well as teachers from the Belocrkvanska Technical School. The schools got 29 books, and apart from the Technical School "Sava Muncan" from Bela Crkva, books can be found from Tuesday, May 10th, at the libraries of the Gymnasium "Borislav Petrov Braca", the School Center "Nikola Tesla", the Agricultural and Chemistry Medical School in Vršac.

We are grateful to the College of Vocational Studies for teachers in Vršac in a laid-back area, and we want to read the book for the high school students.


90 books distributed in Niš high schools

Today 13 high schools have become richer for 90 copies of the book "How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 tips for a successful career" which we donate to secondary schools as part of our association's project. Dragan Varagić, one of the authors of the book, gave a lecture for students of these schools, where we talked about what kind of thinking is needed in order to overcome all the obstacles and to ensure our successful employment in the future.

Students of this, but also of all subsequent generations, will have one book per classroom, which they will be able to borrow from their libraries during the school year. The schools that received books today are:

Grammar School “Stevan Sremac"

Grammar School "9th of May"

Law and Business School Niš

Economic School Niš

Trade school Niš

Medical School "Dr Milenko Hadzić"

ETŠ "Mija Stanimirović"

School of Mechanical Engineering

Technical School "12th of February"

GTŠ "Neimar"

Food and chemical school

School of fashion and beauty

Art school

The lecture was held at the amphitheater of the Law Faculty in Niš, which we thank for this occasion on the allocated space.


The book also came to schools from Prokuplje and Kuršumlija!

Wednesday, April 13th, was the center of education for third and fourth grades of high school students from schools in Prokuplje, Kuršumlija and Niš. We talked about the changes that are taking place in society when it comes to the field of education and employment, and about the extremely important skills that we need today for a successful job. We tried to figure out the puzzle and help young people who are on the threshold of employment or further education to start working on their more successful and beautiful future.

The lecture in Prokuplje was held in the pleasant atmosphere of the National Museum of Toplice in front of about 120 students of four secondary schools: Gymnasium, Aleksa Savic Medical School, Agricultural School "Rados Jovanovic Selja" and Technical School "15th of May ". The lecture was attended by secondary school teachers from Kuršumlija, Gimnazija and Ekonomska. These 6 schools received a total of 28 books, which are now in their libraries and are available to all students and teachers.

Through this way we would like to thank the National Museum of Thermal Spa at the provided lecture room and hospitality.


Kikinda and Novi Kneževac get their books!

On April 6th, Kikinda was the seat of inspiration and support for young people through the realization of lectures for high school students and the distribution of free copies of the book "How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 Tips for a successful career" to all high schools from Kikinda and Novi Kneževac. Four high schools from Kikinda (Economic School of Commerce, Technical School, Secondary School "Miloš Crnjanski” and Gumazija"Dušan Vasiljev") and two secondary schools from Novi Kneževac (Gymnasium and Secondary School "Dositej Obradović") recieved total of 27 books. The lecture was organized at the College of Vocational Studies for Education of Educators in Kikinda, which we thanks in this way to the transfer of the sale.


Books were distributed in Zrenjanin high schools!

Four Zrenjanin schools took their copies of the book in a lecture held on April 6th in the hall of the Cultural Center Zrenjanin. About 50 students listened to a lecture, while the libraries of the Economic and Trade School "Jovan Trajković", the Uroš Predić Chemical, Food and Textile School, Nikola Tesla Electrical and Technical School and Agricultural Schools were richer for 31 copies of the book "How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 tips for a successful career. "

Thank you to the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin on the allocated space.