The first conference of the Best Educators of Serbia “Facing a high-quality and innovative education“ has been held

On Sunday, June 23rd, in the premises of Devana Labs the first conference of the Best Educators of Serbia was held under the title of “U susret kvalitetnom i inovativnom obrazovanju“ [Meeting a high-quality and innovative education“]

The project “The Best Educators of Serbia“ has been implemented for six years in a row. It is a great honour to work with the best teachers of our country. They are the bearers of the title of the best, they are our team with which we work during the whole year. They are often the inspiration for new projects, activities, they are our professional family, the people who advise and direct us and, before all, they share their knowledge with us unselfishly. Just for this reason we wanted to gather them once again and to work, learn and grow together. All people who follow our work know that we gather this team of brilliant people each year at the award presentation ceremony for every new generation of the Best Educators of Serbia but we wanted to gather together at least once a year. This is why we have decided to organize the First Conference of the Best Educators of Serbia. 

What is a specific feature of this conference is that we have organized it in cooperation with the Best. We listened to their suggestions, wishes, ideas and this resulted in a great gathering in June this year. Although it was the end of the school year and we were aware that a large number of our educators had a lot of work, it was a great honour to see a vast majority of those brilliant people in Belgrade. This has shown that the project grows year by year with the best team in Serbia!

At the very beginning of the gathering Ivona Jovanović, the coordinator of the Associations, addressed the attendees. She greeted all the present and showed her pleasure because the best teachers from Serbia gathered together so as to spend some time with one another and learn from one another. 

After Ivona, Tatjana Marković Topalović, the awarded physics teacher in the first year of the implementation of this project, addressed the attendees. Tatjana recollected the beginnings of this project, with the following words: “Today there are 69 of us and we, veterans, recall how it looked like in 2014 when there were only 16 of us. We looked and stared timidly and suspiciously, asking ourselves how we happened to be there. Who discovered us? Is it possible that someone has noticed our work? And that, to cap it all, he decided to award us. We knew that no one among us had ever worked for an award. To be fair, we have never received any or were acknowledged in a way that this Assocication, which bears the name of one of the greatest army strategists, awarded us. 

We believe that we asked ourselves then, and now as well, from where this parallel Universe appeared “in which there is a kingdom where fellowship rules, where there is joy everywhere...“ Three years ago we organized the gathering of the Best Educators of Serbia for the first time and understood both our difference and strength in networking and sharing new ideas. At that time there were no more than a half of us today but we managed to lay down the guidelines to something which is now happening in Belgrade and practically it is the First Conference of the Best Educators of Serbia under the sponsorship of the Association “Živojin Mišić“, which will bring big benefit to all of us in the forthcoming period, according to many estimates.

After her introductory words, Nikoleta Rakočević, the founder of the school “Queen Victoria Education & Translation”, the coach for teachers, expert in teaching methodology and simultaneous interpreter, opened a panel discussion in which Vigor Majić, the director of the Petnica Research Station and our longtime fellow worker, Stevan Jokić, the counsellor in science at the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Ivana Kovačević, awarded in our project in 2018. 

We dealt with the issues of our educational system, what can be improved and how in our educational system, how much technology is used in our schools and if it helps as a tool in acquiring teaching units, how to motivate students to study today. 

Stevan Jokić pointed out that everything changes nowadays at incredible speed and that only the teacher who follows the changes is a good teacher. If children change, we must change as well, especially at universities which are, at this moment, the most conservative institutions as Stevan Jokić puts it. 

Ivana Kovačević also agrees with this opinion. She states that independent professional development is one of the best ways to grow professionally. Since teachers are those who educate our children, they first should have a wish and will to make progress and look for the ways of taking a step forward even when it is not prescribed by the curriculum.   

When it comes to the challenges of today’s education, as one of the biggest challenges Vigor Majić sees a challenge of the linking of school subjects and the fact that each subject is learnt separately, which is not applicable in reality where we need comprehensive knowledge. 

After the panel discussion, Ranko Rajović, the author of the NTC programme, the winner of the award of the world Mensa for the development of society as a whole and the lecturer at the the Faculty of Pedagogy Kopru, talked to the Best Educators of Serbia about “Can learning be play?”. He talked about how much early stimulation is important for the development of intelligence, how much functional learning is important and not rote one and about how the brain develops during movement. 

After the panel discussion and lecture of Rajko Rajović, the best learnt from the best! The workshops of the Best Educators of Serbia were held for their colleagues, in two sessions. One was “The Use of Technology in Teaching” and the other was “The Development of Critical Thinking and Learning Styles in the 21st century”. Once again we thank Milica Andnović, Branislava Živanović, Zorica Ivanović, Vera Isailović, Nada Stojičević, Dragan Kuveljić, Ivana Krulj, Marinko Petković, Mladen Šljivović, Suzana Miljković and Aleksandra Sekulić for the workshops which they had prepared and run for their colleagues, which are accredited in ZUOV.

We would like to express our gratitude again to all attendees, their active participation and spread of positive energy. We believe that we have shifted both this project and the Association and our knowledge to a higher level. As it happens every time, it is a great honour to have worked with you, the Best Educators of Serbia, who bring hope for a better tomorrow!
We will meet soon again!

The Team of the Association!


Education is a necessary means for a bright future of all of us

"Deca se ne sećaju onoga što pokušavate da ih naučite. Sećaju se onih koji su ih učili.”  -Jim Henson

Education is a necessary means for the bright future of all of us. We can achieve plenty of good things in our life, using it as a tool. It makes us more civilized and helps us gain a better position in society and a higher position at work, before all – understand the world around us.

Beside parents, teachers are those who play an important role in our growing up. A good teacher helps us become a good human being in society and a good citizen of this country. Teachers know that children are the future of every nation.

Therefore, we believe that the future growth of any country is in the hands of a teacher. What we become in our life depends on them. The knowledge gained in the early age makes it possible for each individual to be more certain about the decisions they make and on which their life depends. It opens the door to various possibilities for grasping better opportunites in life and promotes the development of our career. 

Through strong ties teachers are able to influence practically every aspect of the life of their students, teaching them important life lessons which will help them overcome obstacles both in their business and private life.

Extraordinary teachers make learning amusing, encourage children by interesting lessons, teach them through play, encourage their critical thinking and this is key to the success of students.

This year as well, as we have been doing it in the past five years, we are looking for extraordinary teachers who always take a step further and always do something different, who do innovative things in teaching, teach children how to be better citizens of the 21st century.

We wish that teachers were given the right to extend the boundaries by innovative suggestions. The criteria according to which we select the best teachers in Serbia imply that they must be creative and innovative, motivated and positive, past masters at their job and organized in a way that they have a coherent system of work. 

They should be communicative and eloquent, be ready for lifelong learning, develop professionally in every field. Educators play one of the most important roles in growing up of children and encounter everyday students’ mistakes. This is why they must be ready to pay equal attention to students in every situation in order to encourage and stimulate them into overcoming dilemmas and problems. It is most important that they be objective, principled and fair as well. 

If you know such a teacher, help us find him. Enter them in the competition for the Best Educators of Serbia at the following link and maybe they will be among the best tens in Serbia this year.

We believe that positive changes in teaching should be heard and that knowledge multiplies only by sharing. 


The best educators of Serbia donated books "Elementary School Miloš Gajić" in Donja Trešnjica

On Friday, March 25, 2019, the small village school "Miloš Gajić", which has 11 pupils from the 1st to the 4th grade, got the first school library!

How did we get this idea?

In 2016, Branislava Živanović, a successful professor of defectology at the elementary school "Dušan Dulagić" in Belgrade for many years, was among 16 prominent teachers in the third edition of the award for the best educators in Serbia.

This phenomenal teacher, at that time, at a meeting of the best Serbian teachers, suggested that one of the joint actions of educators is to donate books to children who are not able to buy or buy them.

The Association was pleased to support this action, as this is one of the ways that young people are encouraged to learn, develop, and see the world from multiple angles.

Over the past year, educated workers in previous generations have sent the Association of Books that we gave last Friday to those they intended. About 200 books were given to various topics.

Why Donja Trešnjica?

Why did Branislava Živanović suggest only Donja Trešnjica? According to her, the curiosity of this site is that at the University there were 5 professors, and that it is always fascinated by the fact that so many people come from small towns.

We hope to encourage children who have enriched their school on Friday to learn and progress. For, as Lao Cs says, "learning is ascending as soon as it stops, it moves immediately." Reading is education and learning.

Because of that, beside children, the library also treated their families, which will now be able to read much more than before.

Once again, we thank Branislav Zivanovic on a great initiative, as well as all educators who donated books for children from Donja Trešnjica.


The awards have been given to the fifth generation of the Best Educators of Serbia

On Thursday, December 27th, 2018 in the Moskva Hotel awards were given to the Best Educators of Serbia of 2018.

The year 2018 has been a great jubilee of both the Association and this project. Five years have passed since the foundation of the Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship Živojin Mišić and this is the fifth generation of the Best Educators of Serbia which we awarded.

At the celebration on the occasion of giving awards to the best teachers which our country has, numerous guests from the sphere of education, the best teachers of Serbia and numerous co-workers and colleagues of the Association of Živojin Mišić assembled.

The programme was opened by Mila Đačić and Tara Đačić with the composition “Horovod” after which the students of Danijela Rakić, Jovan Tomić and Luka Simović introduced themselves to us with the compositions “Kaćuša” and “Tarantela”. We would like to thank Mila Đačić and Danijela Rakić again, music teachers and the awarded educators of the year 2017, for their help in the organization of this celebration. The musical part of this programme made a special impression on this day.

During the opening of the ceremony, the coordinator of the Association Ivona Jovanović welcomed all guests, having emphasized the pride of the Association in their celebrating this day and being in the company of the best in Serbia. “Today, one more time, we are giving acknowledgement to the best among us, the people contributing most to it that our country has a bright future. Five years for us is not a small thing, but a kind of a jubilee. The first in a row and we believe and we will work on having many more of them”.

We looked back even on the very beginning when the Association was founded in 2013, wishing to enhance society and support entrepreneurship, because we believed then that it was a formula for economic progress and recovery of the country. We believe in it even today and this is why we reminded ourselves, in the year which marks 100 years since the end of the First World War, of it why our association bears the name just after Živojin Mišić, the largest Serbian army leader and strategist.

Lela Đokić, who was the coordinator of the Association in its early years and led the project The Best Educators of Serbia, also addressed all attendees. “When I look back, I think that this action was very brave and at times terrifying – two people who had not had any contact with education and teaching so far decided to change things for the sake of their own idealism. Some people will say that this is half-crazy and I will say that today the Association Živojin Mišić has been giving the only such comprehensive award to teachers in Serbia for five years in a row. If you ask me if we have succeeded, I will tell you that we have a lot of things to do. But, I also think that we have moved a ball of wool which is unravelling unstoppably nowadays and is embroidering the threads of new successes and accomplishments. This hall is overcrowded with people appreciating education and our work. It was not so five years ago. I would like each of you in this room to stop for a moment and realize how great success and progress are, borne by this project and this award, because little of this existed five years ago.”

Vladimir Prelovac, the founder and chairman of the Association, was not able to attend this celebration, but he had written a speech, read on his behalf by Ivona Jovanović, the coordinator of the Association. We have singled out part of this address “The awarded educators, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unselfish help and all made effort and energy in setting children in Serbia on the right track. From my own personal experience I know that your own personal example of dedication will be a guiding star for many children and, later, mature people at difficult moments in life which will come inevitably. Although they never say it to you, bear in mind that they will think many times in their life about you and about your deeds.”

Vladimir Prelovac had expressed deep gratitude towards the members of the jury, awarded educators and all fellow workers for unselfish help for this project since its beginning. “By your own experience and integrity you have made this project possible and we owe you very much as the Association. Our civic duty is to shape our society and environment in a way that we want them to be for our children. It is not reasonable to expect from any country to take care of everything, of us either. We ourselves are responsible for our own destiny and our decisions. This is the reason why the Association Živojin Mišić was founded and we have focused just on the area which can produce the largest change in society over the long term, and this is education. Educated youth will have power in their hands to change the world. How much good one idea in the head of one child can bring to the world and to all of us. We are here to thank all educators who are expanding vistas to our children and making it possible for such an idea to be born one day”!

Srđan Verbić is one of the people who support the work of the Association since its very beginning. He has pointed out that “It’s a great honour to be part of this project and a large Association who concurrently pushes several projects for which it is not known which will blossom first and which will be the most successful.” Srđan has taken part in almost all projects of the Association so far in some way, and when we look back on the project of the Best Educators of Serbia, Srđan says “As soon as I received the invitation and the opportunity to take part in the first award presentation ceremony for the Best Educators, I accepted it, of course. All the more so that there are more equal awards. This is an exceptionally important moment. Today we have 69 best teachers, and there are even more of them. There are always more candidates for whom we are sorry that they have not been chosen for the award than those for whom we think that they do not deserve to be here.” One more time he gave his sincere congratulations to all the awarded.

Another lady who has been with us since the beginning of the implementation of the project the Best Educators of Serbia and a long-standing board member is also Dragica Pavlović Babić, the coordinator of the PISA research in Serbia. She has pointed out that one of the largest benefits of this project is the expansion of good practices among educators, because they are those who have shown initiative, originality and creativity, and that after all those years it seems to her natural that this project lasts even for a longer period of time.

At the end of the celebration, we could see and hear our ten most magnificent, best educators of Serbia for the year 2018. These are:

  • Aleksa Popadić, geography teacher from Kraljevo
  • Aleksandar Mijalković, Serbian teacher from Inđija
  • Ivana Kovačević, Serbian language and literature teacher from Belgrade
  • Jelena Babić, general education teacher from Prokuplje
  • Lidija Videnović, general education teacher from Sopot
  • Milica Andonović, English language teacher from Pirot
  • Mladen Šljivović, physics teacher from Zaječar
  • Slađana Radojlović, teacher of the basics of economy and banker training from Niš
  • Vera Isailović, history teacher from Arilje
  • Zoran Ilić, general education teacher from Leskovac

You can read more about them here.

After the award presentation ceremony five generations of the Best Educators of Serbia took part in the workshops which the educators had organized for their colleagues.

Boško Petrović, the awarded educator of the year 2017, held the workshop “Znanjem bez granica“[With knowledge there are no boundaries] where he talked about the possibility of networking the best educators of Serbia via various projects and about the spread of educational mission. The headteacher of Boško’s school Snežana Tanić also addresssed us, expressing deep gratitude because he was among the best and talking about big influence of this project on the schools of Paraćin.

Katarina Veljković, awarded in 2016 and one of the 50 best teachers of the world in 2018 within the competition The Global Teacher Prize, shared her experience with her colleagues. We wish Katarina success and we are happy that our education is with our teachers who are placed high on the ladder in the world!

Katarina Ivanović and Danilo Borovnica held the workshop “Erasmus +”. Zorica Ivanović shared her experience with her colleagues at the workshop “Frequency dictionaries” and Velimir Radlovački talked about “Teachers on the Internet in 2019” and informed his colleagues about safety on the Internet at first hand.

Besides this, Violeta Miletić held the workshop “The First Step of Successful Entrepreneurship” and Marinko Petković talked about “Great Myths about Small Places”.

A big thanks to all our educators who shared their knowledge with their colleagues and showed once more that they are open for cooperation and that knowledge is the most valuable when it is shared.  

In the end, Vera Mijović, the instructor of business and development skills, held the workshop for the Best Educators of Serbia, named “The Strategy of a Successful Public Appearance”, aiming at helping the educators in coping with cameras and enhancing their appearance as much as possible.

One more time a big thanks to all friends of education who celebrated the huge day for the Association with us yesterday and lent solemnity to it by their attendance!

The photos from the award presentation ceremony can be seen here.

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The Association “Živojin Mišić“ has announced the fifth generation of the best educators of Serbia

Who are The best educators of Serbia?

The best educators are teachers and subject-specialized teachers in primary and secondary schools who stand out by their exceptional work. They are first and foremost innovators, motivators. They influence the formation and development of students and they teach them how to be the citizens of the 21st century.

This year the Association “Živojin Mišić“ has had the opportunity to meet a large number of great teachers. After the long process of selection which lasted for seven months., with the help of the board, we have chosen 10 winners!

These are the best educators of Serbia for the year 2018:

  1. Aleksa Popadić, geography teacher in Grammar School, Primary School “Svetozar Marković“ and Primary School “Vuk Karadžić“, Kraljevo.
  2. Aleksandar Mijalković, teacher of the Serbian language and literature in Primary School “Dušan Jerković” in Inđija.
  3. Ivana Kovačević, teacher of the Serbian language and literature in Primary School “Dr Dragan Hercog”, Belgrade.
  4. Jelena Babić, general classes teacher in Primary School “Milić Rakić Mirko”, Prokuplje.
  5. Lidija Videnović, general classes teacher in Primary School “Jelica Milovanović”, Sopot.
  6. Milica Andonović,teacher of the English language in Primary School “Vuk Karadžić“, Pirot.
  7. Mladen Šljivović, teacher of physics in Grammar School in Zaječar and in Primary School “Desanka Maksimović”, Zaječar.
  8. Slađana Radojlović, teacher of the basics of economy and banking training in the School of Economics, Niš.
  9. Vera Isailović, history teacher in Primary School “Stevan Čolović”, Arillje.
  10. Zoran Ilić, teacher in primary school “Svetozar Marković”, Leskovac.

The title of the Best Educator in Serbia is not easy to deserve. This is why we give credit to these great people who have managed by their work to improve the education of the youngest. We want to encourage them to bear their title proudly and share their knowledge with future generations.

The best educators of Serbia in 2018 come from 10 cities and places in Serbia and, for one year in a row again, they have shown how much education is valuable and that we have great general classes teachers and subject-specialized teachers across our country.

Besides the title of the best educator of Serbia, our winners are going to receive a personal award and the award of 100,000.00 dinars which they can use to enhance their work, implement projects with children and complete their professional development.

Ovogodišnjem izboru Najboljih edukatora pored Udruženja pomogli su brojni članovi komisije, pre svega  prošlogodišnji nagrađeni edukatori koji se neumorno trude da pronađu nove inovativne kolege, Dragica Pavlović Babić – koordinator PISA istraživanja u Srbiji i saradnik Instituta za psihologiju u oblasti obrazovanja,

Olga Nikolić – the editor-in-chief of the“Prosvetni pregled“,

Olivera Todorović – the manager of the Centre for the Professional Development of Employees in Education,

Srđan Verbić – the former minister of education,

Vigor Majić – the rector of the Petnica Research Station.

We want to thank everyone who participated in yet another wonderful experience finding the best educators Serbia.

The award ceremony will be held in Belgrade at the end of the year with the best educators in Serbia.

You can see more information about the winners as well as their biographies here.


We have selected winners of the national competition for 2018!

We have selected winners of the national competition for 2018!

Association Živojin Mišić has been declared winners of the national competition that will fight for the title of the best teacher of the world

The “National Teacher Prize” project is part of the "Global Teacher Prize" organized by the Varkey Foundation.

The Varkey Foundation was founded in 2010, with the belief that the teaching profession is the key to a global future. The Varkey Foundation believes that every child in the world deserves a high-quality teacher. Therefore, together with partners, they build a network of the world's best teachers, because they believe that this will enable equal education for all. One of the founders of the Foundation, Sunny Varkey, is guided by the idea that education alone can correct the biggest problems that the world has today, violence, power and health. Because everything starts with education.

The association Živojin Mišić has been a partner of the Varkey Foundation since last year, which means that the project "The Best Educators of Serbia" became a pre-qualification competition for the "National Teacher Prize". The goal is to select those who will present us in the world from the Best educators of Serbia.

Through this project, we want to praise, reward and encourage outstanding teachers in Serbia and give them the opportunity to find themselves at one of the world's largest education competitions, the "Global Teacher Prize".

This year's committee consisted of:

  • Branislav Ranđelović, v. d. Director of the Institute for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education and Upbringing in Serbia
  • Dragica Pavlović Babić, PISA Research Coordinator in Serbia and Associate of the Institute for Psychology in Education
  • Dušan Basalo, a partner in consulting company "Atria Group"
  • Ivana Cenerić, Research Coordinator at the Center for Educational Policies
  • Srđan Ognjanović, director of the Mathematical Gymnasium
  • Srđan Verbić, former Minister of Education
  • Vigor Majić, director of Petnica research station
  • Association "Živojin Mišić"

The criteria that the winners had to fulfill for the placement at "Global Teacher Prize" - this year was the use of effective teaching practices that affect the quality of education at the global level, the use of an innovative curriculum that is inspired by the method of solving new challenges in the future, personal achievements, the impact on the community, the development of students as a citizens of the world, the recognition of their work by the community.

After a lengthy discussion, and examining the applications of all applicants, content, activities, efforts to change their lives and the lives of their students, compliance with the Global Teacher Prize criteria, three candidates are separated from others according to above-average achievements.

By inspecting candidates' applications and submitted additional materials, and taking into account the criteria of the Varkey Foundation, the commission decided that the following candidates for the "Global Teacher Prize" are:

  • Dragan Kuveljić, a teacher at elementary school M. Stiković in Prijepolje
  • Katarina Veljković, teacher of computer and information science at the First Grammar School in Kragujevac
  • Tatjana Markovic Topalovic, physics teacher in high school, dr Andra Jovanović in Šabac

By choosing this year's candidates, we want to send a message that such teachers are extremely important and valuable to our society, and to encourage them to further improve and promote their methods of work and success.

Once again honestly congratulations to the candidates, and a lot of luck in the further flow of the competition!


Association Živojin Mišić continues cooperation with Varkey Foundation

The best educators of Serbia have the opportunity to apply for the competition for the best teacher in the world this year!

We are sure that you have either heard or felt on your skin that the teacher's job is not the most valued profession in the world. Various studies have shown that a small number of students really respect their teachers. It was also seen by the Varkey Foundation team, and in 2013 they decided to change things, or put them in place.

Sanny Varkey, founder of the Varkey Foundation, had the vision that education was the one that could solve the world's major problems, such as violence, power, and health. As he says, everything starts with education. The motto of his foundation is that every child in the world deserves a good teacher.

Two years later, they launched a project called Global Teacher Prize, with the desire to reward the best teachers of the world. What was important to them was to emphasize the importance of the role of teachers in the education and upbringing of children and to remind the world that teachers deserve to be one of the most valued professions in the world. Teachers are important! In 4 years of realizing the project, the Varkey Foundation awarded 4 teachers, from USA, Palestine, Canada and England. All winners received a million dollars reward to invest in their country's educational system, thus contributing to education in the country in which they work.

Association Živojin Mišić has recognized these motives in their work, and since last year, we are the proud partner of Varkey Foundation. The Cooperation Agreement was signed because the common goal is education, and the desire to remind that teachers are the most important link of our system, because they are the ones that educate our children. This year, the Association is proud of its country at the world's largest education competition.

What does it mean? The project, which has been successfully organized by the Association Živojin Mišić, The best educators of Serbia, by last year signing the Contract with the Varkey Foundation, has become a pre-qualification competition for the Global Teacher Prize.

This partnership means that the Association Živojin Mišić organizes the selection for the best teacher at the national level. The winner (or up to five winners) will have all possible assistance from the Association for further placement, application and promotion, but also an advantage over other candidates, as their applications will be found directly in the second round of evaluation at the Global Teacher Prize.

Last year, three teachers, holders of the title The Best Educators of Serbia, achieved success in this competition. Marinko Petković and Zvonimirka Jovičić were declared as the winners of the national competition in Serbia, and Željana Radojičić Lukić was placed in the top 50 teachers of the world at the Global Teacher Prize and she became the first Serbian teacher to achieve this placement in the competition. This brought our education back to a high rank of the world system.

This year, the opportunity for placement at the Global Teacher Prize, again gets up to five of Serbia's Best Educators.

At the beginning of December, the 50 best teachers of the world will be announced by the Varkey Foundation, and if one of our teachers is placed in the Top 50, he will have the opportunity to fight for a million dollar reward, as well as to be found at the world's largest education forum, Skills Forum in UAE.

We wish luck to all candidates!


How does GO promote Serbia?

Play GO - Train The Brain

EGCC, more commonly known as the European GO Cultural Center, announces a competition for GO promoters every third year. Mirjana Rašić Mitić, one of the Best Educators in Serbia, is a candidate for this prestigious international award with her team.

"When this year's competition appeared, my team and I thought and realized that in the past three years we have done a lot and we have something to say about our previous results on GO promotion. Also, we have a project that continuously lasts and continues in the next school year through another one approved by the CPN project: Play go - train the brain."

What is go?

GO is a Chinese game similar to chess, which was created 4000 years ago. Two players can play the game, and the rules are very simple. Players alternately place figures (which are called stones) on the cross-sections of the lines on the board. They have 19×19 sections available. The goal of the game is to fence as much of the board as possible and gain points. Strategy is a very important aspect of this constructive game through which children develop both logic and creativity.

The beginnings of the GO game in a school from Mirjana's corner.

"When starting the GO section, I did not think about whether I was the first teacher to deal with it. But the idea was certainly to offer some new activity to children, which will help them to overcome their school obligations, empower them, but also act as educators. Later, I became aware of the fact that this was done only in my school, and that fact also pointed to the way of spreading the idea of ​​learning GOs in other schools in Serbia."

Mirjana’s GO children.

"Through our GO school, there have been about 200 children up to the age of 6 to 18, among them talents such as Sara Djordjević, Vuk Dusanić, Nikola Ilić and our youngest hope Kosta Ilić. All the children who took part in the project had the opportunity to try some competition. We encourage them to participate in competitions, as they become better and strengthen their categories. To that end, we organized categorization tournaments, Sretenjski turnir, Niš Open - big international GO tournament in Niš, where participation for our children is free."

What obstacles did Mirjana meet at the beginning?

"The first obstacle we encountered in our work was the purchase of our own equipment. The desire to acquire my set was initiated by further actions and finding opportunities and means for acquiring the necessary materials for work. After the approved project by the CPN (Center for the Promotion of Science), who understood my efforts, as well as the children's welfare for dealing with this thought sport, the funds that we used for the purchase of sets were obtained by providing the conditions for our project to develop unimpededly.

The next obstacle was the provision of funds for inclusion of children in the system of competitions within the Go Union of Serbia, which is necessary for their further progress, which was also enabled by the CPN."

School support

Given that for most successful projects, teamwork is required, Mirjana was fortunate to gather a great team of associates who were ready to transfer their knowledge related to the GO game to children.

Thus, Zeljko Veselinović, Dragan Ilić, Mladen Lilić and Ivan Todorović from the Go Pro Club provided all the conditions for the formation of a section in the elementary school "Sveti Sava" in Niš (collections and expert work). Also, emphasized from the beginning, she had the understanding and full support of management and colleagues in the school, who recognized and supported the idea in the right way.

What is this candidacy for education in our country?

"This is the first time that anyone from our country has enough credibility to appear at such a competition.

In addition to promoting the GO and our project, this is at the same time an opportunity to promote Serbia and its educational system in the world as an advanced, creative and innovative one.

After the entry of Željana Radojičić Lukić, to a group of 50 best teachers of the world, when many were able to get to know the creativity of our teachers, I consider this is another opportunity to promote our country in a similar way."

What can be the expectations of the competition?

Mirjana is not prone to predictions and is satisfied with the nomination itself. Reading other projects, among which there are many who have done a lot on GO promotion, such as a project from Thailand, realized that our candidacy is not premature and that our results are truly worthwhile and competing with others.


Why are teachers important to us?

"A man must remain a student even when he becomes a teacher" - Srećko Lazzari

Do you remember your school days, teachers, senior officers? We are sure that at least once you want to thank them for what they has taught you. If at least one teacher left a mark during your education, and he influenced you to become a better person. We believe this is one of the things that those who educate us should do. Perhaps it is now a chance to say thank you to one of them.

Being a teacher is one of the most challenging and beautiful occupations. Those who understand this understand without further explanation. However, this is also one of the most responsible occupations. We all know that educating younger generations is not a simple, but very comprehensive and demanding job.

Being a teacher means much more than transferring information from pupils' textbooks, assigning homework and evaluating. Being a good teacher means that you are both an educator, a pedagogue, an innovator, and a motivator.

We believe that a good teacher should not have a "mold". To transfer knowledge with a lot of creativity and imagination, to enrich children with applicable knowledge and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. Educators must be a step ahead of everyone, because they shape our future. We know it's not easy, and it's difficult for a teacher to be perfect to all his students. But if the teacher listens carefully and understands the needs of the students, encourages them to overcome obstacles, motivate them, and give them the freedom to teach him something, we believe that he is on the right path. It is impossible to be a teacher and not to be a student.

These are the teachers we want to find. And we are working on it since 2014, when the project The Best Educators has started. We want to find the best educators in Serbia and to show them how important they are to the future of our society. At the moment in our professional family we have 59 Best ones! But we do not want to stop there.

Therefore, we want to invite you to help us in the mission of finding the best ones! Dear pupils, parents, teachers, professors, school directors, we invite you to highlight the best among you and give him the chance to receive the recognition of one of the best educators in Serbia!

Remind yourself of the lessons you have attended, who is your role model, what's there for you to notice, what do you remember with a smile from school days, and what is it that associates you with your special teacher. Share with us what's different about the person you are applying for, what he or her values ​​and how it improves work with children and builds them for the future. As it encourages entrepreneurial spirit in the youngest ones, which will be enable to be successful entrepreneurs, scientists, artists or whatever they wish. How did that person make you a better person?

Applications will be open until July 1st, and the winners will be announced by the end of the year.

Each award-winning educator will receive a personal prize of 40,000 RSD, as well as 100,000 RSD that he/she can invest in projects with children and improvement of teaching. Applications are open on the following link.