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The teaching profession is among occupations that require most responsibility because a teacher has a difficult and important task to transmit knowledge. This also means that a teacher has a direct impact on his students’ development and their future. Today, their goal is to create successful citizens of the world who will be fully prepared to adopt knowledge and skills of the 21st century. Through this project we wish to encourage and reward teachers who make a difference at their job and achieve outstanding results with their students. A teacher who is innovative and makes changes, who is a role model and an inspiration to his students and colleagues, the one who encourages intellectual curiosity of his students and engages them in the learning process is a teacher that has a lifelong impact on them.

Each year, between 10 and 20 teachers and professors from elementary and high schools in Serbia will be selected and awarded. Students, parents, colleagues or anyone else who believes he knows an exceptional teacher can nominate them for “Serbian Teaching Awards“ through the nomination form on our website. The applications are open in the second quarter of the calendar year. The selection consists of several rounds and the winners announcement and the award ceremony are expected later this year. All of the selected teachers will be awarded with prize money, most of which can only be spent on teacher-student activities, thereby supporting their work and improving the quality and scope of their activities.

Awarding the best teachers in Serbia means much more than just recognizing the individuals or singling out the best. Through this project we wish to remind teachers and professors how important their profession and the quality of their work are for the whole society and the future of the country. By singling out the best teachers, we wish to raise awareness about the core values of teaching and to set an example for others or at least give them something to strive for. We wish to thank all those teachers who are trying to improve the society we live in, not only by being better people themselves, but also by teaching the future generations true values and being their inspiration for progress.

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Why do we award the best educators in our country?

    • Because those teachers who are always going the extra mile and always doing things better and are not afraid to be different, are the entrepreneurs in their own job.
    • They are precisely the ones who are setting the best example for students and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit among young people, the very spirit that will allow them to become successful entrepreneurs, scientists or artists.

Qualitiesof the best



He constantly comes up with different activities that involve students and help them in better understanding of the material.


He expresses himself clearly, precisely and accurately, possesses linguistic competence, gives inspirational speeches and knows how to transmit knowledge. He easily attracts his students’ attention, interacts with them and gets them interested in the material.


He has perfect understanding of the material and is always ready to answer all the questions students might have, and if he doesn’t know the answer at the moment, he immediately looks for it.


He constantly improves himself, responds to the needs of new generations, keeps up with changes in education and stays up-to-date on new trends.


He is dedicated and determined and loves his job. That’s the best way he can get students interested in his subject.


He is principled, objective and realistic when grading, treats his students equally, he is consistent and he always keeps his word.


He knows how to organize the class and maintain classroom discipline, knows his primary goal at any time and has a clear lesson plan.


Students will go wrong many times before they learn something. The best teacher must be prepared to help them and encourage them a countless number of times. He will give each student as much attention as he needs to master the material.

How do we make it work?



Our best teachers are innovative, proactive and inspirational people who make positive changes in their work and environment. Teacher evaluation is based on several factors, such as: how creative, interesting and versatile they are in their regular classes, how good of an example are they setting for the children, how much they encourage students to think and explore, to be active and hard-working, and also how much they advocate for students’ development and improvement of their talents, skills and abilities inside and outside the classroom.

How we choose

After the closing date, all candidates go through several rounds of selection. The first round is conducted by the organization and the last year's winners, while various educational institutions and individuals take part in the final round by giving their opinion on who the winner should be. You can find a list of the past members of the committee here.


All of the best teachers, in addition to their personal portion of the award, also receive certain financial resources for the improvement of their work. That money can be spent on the implementation of various projects with students or equipment. In this way, we wish to help them put their ideas into practice, and also encourage new ideas and projects.




Aleksa Popadić

Nastavnik geografije u Gimnaziji, OŠ “Svetozar Marković” i OŠ “Vuk Karadžić”, Kraljevo

Aleksandar Mijalković

Nastavnik srpskog jezika u OŠ „Dušan Jerković“ u Inđiji

Ivana Kovačević

Nastavnica srpskog jezika i književnosti u OŠ  „Dr Dragan Hercog“, Beograd

Jelena Babić

Učiteljica u OŠ „Milić Rakić Mirko”,Prokuplje

Lidija Videnović

Učiteljica u OŠ “Jelica Milovanović”, Sopot

Milica Andonović

Nastavnica engleskog jezika u OŠ “Vuk Karadžić”, Pirot

Mladen Šljivović

Nastavnik fizike u Gimnaziji u Zaječaru i OŠ „Desanka Maksimović”, Zaječar

Slađana Radojlović

Nastavnica Osnova ekonomije i Bankarske obuke u Ekonomskoj školi,  Niš

Vera Isailović

Nastavnica istorije u OŠ “Stevan Čolović”, Arilje

Zoran Ilić

Učitelj u OŠ “Svetozar Marković” u Leskovcu



Association "Živojin Mišić"

Rewarded educators in previous years

Dragica Pavlović Babić

Coordinator of PISA research in Serbia and associate of the Institute for Psychology in the field of education

Olga Nikolić

Glavni i odgovorni urednik Prosvetnog pregleda


Center for Professional Development of Employees in Education

Srđan Verbić

Bivši ministar prosvete

Vigor Majić

Director of the research station Petnica



Borko Petrović

English language teacher at elementary school "Stevan Jakovljević" in Paraćin

Velimir Radlovački

A teacher of a computer group of subjects at the Nikola Tesla School Center in Vrsac

Verica Lukić

Teacher at Elementary School "Kralj Aleksandar Prvi Karađorđević", Jadranska Lešnica

Gradimirka Nikolić

Teacher of technical and informatics education in elementary school "Jastrebacki partizani" in Merošina

Danijela Rakić

A teacher of accordion and chamber music at the music school "Kosta Manojlović" in Zemun

Dušan Stanković

Teacher at elementary school "Braća Ribar", Donja Borina

Ivona Ranđelović

English language teacher at elementary school "Vuk Karadzic", Pečenjevce

Mila Đačić

Music teacher at the elementary school "Sveti Sava" in Grocka

Miomir Dejanović

Teacher at elementary school "Svetozar Markovic" in Vranje

Natalija Diković

Teacher of technical and informatics education at elementary school "Petar Leković", Požega

Tatjana Romanov

Teacher at Elementary School "Sveti Georgije" in Uzdin, Kovačica



Association "Živojin Mišić"

Rewarded educators in previous years


Center for Professional Development of Employees in Education

Vigor Majić

Director of the research station Petnica

Dragica Pavlović Babić

Coordinator of PISA research in Serbia and associate of the Institute for Psychology in the field of education



Gordana Josimov

Teacher at Vasa Živković Elementary school, Pančevo

Danilo Borovnica

Teacher of mathematics at Primary School "Sveti Sava", Kikinda

Vladan Mladenović

Science teacher in Ivan Vušović elementary school, Aleksinac

Tatjana Kovačev

Teacher at elementary school "Bora Stankovic", Karavukovo, Odzaci

Tanja Vrečko

Teacher at elementary school "Mladost", Belgrade

Aleksandar Stevanović

Philosophy teacher at "Tehnoart" high school, Beograd

Mladen Jovanović

Computer and Informatics teacher at elementary school "Miroslav Antić", Niš

Marijana Kolarić

Teacher at elementary school "Petefi Brigade" in Kula

Nada Stojičević

Teacher of electro group of subjects, Electrical school "Nikola Tesla", Pančevo

Dragana Milićević

Physics teacher at the Krusevac Gymnasium

Aleksandra Sekulić

Serbian language teacher in Economic-trade high school, Kula

Katarina Veljković

Teacher of Computer and Informatics, in the First Kragujevac Gymnasium

Marinko Petković

Teacher of Physics and Chemistry, School for Primary and Secondary Education "Milan Petrović", Novi Sad

Dragana Menčik

Teacher at elementary school "Sveti Sava", Backa Palanka

Branislava Živanović

Defectologist in Dušan Dulagić elementary school, Beograd

Vladimir Majstorović

Teacher of Geography in Food and gastronomy high school, Čačak



Association "Živojin Mišić"

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Srđan Ognjanović

Director of Mathematical Gymnasium

Dragica Pavlović Babić

Coordinator of PISA research in Serbia and associate of the Institute for Psychology in the field of education


Center for Professional Development of Employees in Education

Last year's educators



Violeta Miletić

Nutrition Education teacher at “Šumatovac“ School of Agriculture, Aleksinac

Suzana Miljković

Teacher at “Kralj Petar I“ Elementary School, Niš

Gabriela Potrebić Težer

Teacher at “Sever Đurkić“ Elementary School, Bečej

Goran Jovišić

Computer Science teacher at Karlovci Grammar School, Sremski Karlovci

Svetlana Radlovački

Programming teacher at "Nikola Tesla" School Center, Vršac

Dijana Malidža

Teacher at “Đorđe Natošević“ Elementary School, Novi Sad

Vera Milićević

Teacher of Construction subjects at Technical School in Loznica

Ivana Krulj

Physics teacher at “Đura Jakšić“ Elementary School, Ćuprija

Gordana Rackov

Teacher at “Sveti Sava“ Elementary School, Kikinda

Mirjana Rašić Mitić

Math teacher at “Sveti Sava“ Elementary School, Niš

Ena Horvat

Biology teacher at “Nikola Vukićević“ Elementary School, Sombor

Zorica Ivanović

Serbian Language and Literature teacher at Technology School in Paraćin

Slavica Gomilanović

Teacher at “Đura Jakšić“ Elementary School, Oreškovica, Petrovac na Mlavi

Dejan Kreculj

Technical and IT Education teacher at “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” Elementary School, Kovin

Slađana Trajković

Math teacher at “15. maj“ Technical School, Prokuplje

Zvonimirka Jovičić

Teacher at “Moša Pijade“ Elementary School, Žagubica, Izvarica district



The last year’s winners

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Association "Živojin Mišić"

Dragica Pavlović Babić

PISA coordinator for Serbia and research associate at Institute of Psychology

Srđan Ognjanović

Director of Mathematical Gymnasium

Olivera Todorović

Head of the Center for Professional Development in Education, IIE



Suzana Veljković

Elementary School “Branko Miljković”, Niš

Biljana Živković

Elementary School “Vuk Stefanović Karadžić”, Kragujevac

Tatjana Marković Topalović

Medical School “Dr Andra Jovanović”, Šabac

Snežana Radivojša

Elementary School “Đuro Strugar”, Beograd

Gordana Petrović

Secondary Technical School “14. oktobar”, Kraljevo

Biljana Veselinovič

Elementary School “Smeh i suza”, Aleksinac

Katarina Ivanović

Elementary School “Stevan Dukić”, Beograd

Saša Porubski

Zemun Grammar School, Zemun

Dragan Kuveljić

Elementary School “M. Stiković”, Prijepolje

Gordana Janevska

Elementary School „Dimitrije Todorović Kaplar“, Knjaževac

Lucija Tasić

Elementary School “Dragoljub Ilić”, Valjevo

Saša Čorboloković

Elementary School „3. oktobar“, Bor

Biljana Vučković

Teacher at “Dositej Obradović“ Elementary School, Ćićevac

Vukašin Vasić

High School of Economics „Nada Dimić“, Zemun

Slavoljub Mitić

Grammar School “Svetozar Marković” and Elementary School “Bubanjski heroji”, Niš

Željana Radojičić

Elementary School “Milan Rakić”, Mionica



Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Association "Živojin Mišić"

Dragica Pavlović Babić

PISA coordinator for Serbia and research associate at Institute of Psychology

Srđan Ognjanović

Director of Mathematical Gymnasium