The book “How to get a job in 21st century + 444 tips for a better carreer” in high schools

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These are the schools that received the books so far


The lecture in Kraljevo attended nearly 300 high school students!


400 students attended the lecture in Paraćin.


11 schools from Ćuprija, Jagodina, Svilajnac, Despotovac and Rekovac received their copies of the book at the lecture held in Ćuprija.


6 schools from Čačak and Lučani received their copies of the book.


The lecture in Gornji Milanovac was held in the Gymnasium hall.


Secondary schools from Zrenjanin got their copies of the book.


6 secondary schools from Kikinda and Novi Kneževac got 27 copies of the book.


Secondary schools from Niš got 90 books in total!


The book has arrived at schools from Prokuplje and Kursumlija!


The book “How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 tips for a successful career” tells about employment in the 21st century in an unusual way. It shares with the readers the thoughts that have become our reality, but are rarely spoken about. Changes have evidently happened, but people usually say in a negative context that “things are not as they used to be” when talking about those changes.

However, the answer to adapting to these changes, embracing them and turning them in your favor can be found in this book. This is the reason why this book is excellent reading material for young people that need to understand as soon as possible that only they are the only ones responsible for their success.

This is exactly why we came to the idea that this book should find its way into the hands of high school students and that they should come to know the reality of the labor market, to know what their options are and what is expected of them in these modern times. Furthermore, the second part of the book contains an extremely valuable collection of tips that can help you not only achieve success, but to stay successful as well. To our great pleasure, the authors of the book Dragan Varagić and Valentin Kuleto supported this idea, so we started the realization of this project together – supply every high school in Serbia with copies of the book.

We are certain that this book can encourage many young people to work on themselves, improve their knowledge and skills, to work on their ideas and private businesses. In this way we hope to create a more successful economy and a more successful society, to decrease unemployment and improve entrepreneurship.

Our end goal is to supply every high school in Serbia with copies of this book, but we will measure the success of the project with the number of students that have read the book and with the number of students that attended the presentations and workshops organized in their schools. During the realization of the project, Dragan Varagić, one of the authors of the book, will have a number of lectures for teachers and students all across Serbia, where he will personally introduce them to the themes and key lessons of the book. Also, ambassador teachers in every school will help us in distributing the books to the largest number of students possible and making sure that the books are understood in the right way. The end result should be a better and more beautiful Serbia, which is the main goal of all our projects.

If you want the book to arrive as soon as possible to your school as well, feel free to contact us on

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