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Suzana Veljković
Elementary School “Branko Miljković”, Niš
Biljana Živković
Elementary School “Vuk Stefanović Karadžić”, Kragujevac
Tatjana Marković Topalović
Medical School “Dr Andra Jovanović”, Šabac
Snežana Radivojša
Elementary School “Đuro Strugar”, Beograd
Gordana Petrović
Secondary Technical School “14. oktobar”, Kraljevo
Biljana Veselinović
Elementary School “Smeh i suza”, Aleksinac
Katarina Ivanović
Elementary School “Stevan Dukić”, Beograd
Saša Porubski
Saša Porubski, Zemun Grammar School, Zemun
Dragan Kuveljić
Elementary School “M. Stiković”, Prijepolje
Gordana Janevska
Elementary School „Dimitrije Todorović Kaplar“, Knjaževac
Lucija Tasić
Elementary School “Dragoljub Ilić”, Valjevo
Saša Čorboloković
Elementary School „3. oktobar“, Bor
Biljana Vučković
Teacher at “Dositej Obradović“ Elementary School,Ćićevac
Vukašin Vasić
High School of Economics „Nada Dimić“, Zemun
Slavoljub Mitić
Grammar School “Svetozar Marković” and Elementary School “Bubanjski heroji”, Niš
Željana Radojičić
Elementary School “Milan Rakić”, Mionica


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
“Živojin Mišić” organization
Dragica Pavlović Babić
PISA coordinator for Serbia and research associate at Institute of Psychology
Srđan Ognjanović
The principal of the Mathematical High School


  • Lucija Tasić

    Elementary School “Dragoljub Ilić”, Valjevo

    “I grew accustomed to working without awards and acknowledgements, without support and laurels. I did everything the hard way, the way that knows no shortcuts. I walked forward with small, but decisive steps, without stumbling or skipping stairs. Love towards my profession and patience are my guiding lights, and creativity is my basic need. The “Serbian Teaching Awards” award was a guidepost with only one direction – FORWARD! It shined my path and encouraged me to continue walking on well known and paved paths, paths of knowledge and innovation. Thank you to the ''Živojin Mišić'' organization for bringing back faith in the future of our profession, for recognizing and motivating hard work and dedication.”

  • Katarina Ivanović

    Elementary School “Stevan Dukić”, Beograd

    “I love my job and I do my best to keep the students interested, inspired and motivated. To show them the beauty of mathematics and encourage them to be diligent and tenacious in their path. The “Serbian Teaching Awards” project is what inspires me. It is a confirmation that we cannot stop, that we must always move forward, and that there are those who will recognize and award that love and commitment.”

  • Suzana Veljković

    Elementary School “Branko Miljković”, Niš

    “The “Živojin Mišić” organization is one of the proofs that miracles happen when we least expect them. A “miracle” has happened to me! My twenty-two-year-long work has been recognized firstly by the students’ parents, and then confirmed by the Expert Commission in charge for the selection of the best teacher in Serbia in 2014. The job of being a teacher is the hardest and the easiest at the same time. The most beautiful one, but also the one that bears the most responsibility. We work with diamonds that we need to shape individually, to carefully hone them without damaging them, to care for them, to monitor them, to open the doors of knowledge for them so that they can be ready for life, to make good and honest people out of them. The teachers’ road looks like a labyrinth where we often run into a wall or run in circles, but the “Živojin Mišić” organization has lit the light of hope that we are on the right path in choosing our profession. The award that I have received means a lot to my personal professional development. It encouraged me, made me stronger, gave me the “wind on my back” and crowned my professional work so far. Thank you to the “Živojin Mišić” organization for this impressive project and for the flattering title!”

  • Tatjana Marković Topalović

    Medical School “Dr Andra Jovanović”, Šabac

    “Smart, wise and dedicated people that think about the same topic exchange looks rather that words. It is hard to write something about our “catapult” into public and be different, fresh and more inspirational. The “Serbian Teaching Awards 2014” project is one of the best things that happened to me in the past year, and in my professional carrier in general. It helped me to accept being different, to start believing again how extraordinary my profession is and confirmed my hope that I am not lost in the sea of teaching mediocrity. Finding out that there is an island with a special relationship towards learning and teaching has strengthened my position to fight for “building” intellectuals, because an intellectual is built, not born. I am thankful and obliged to this excellent project and to the organization and I act according my far-reaching responsibility.

  • Dragan Kuveljić

    Elementary School “M. Stiković”, Prijepolje

    “The “Serbian Teaching Awards” project is the best thing that has happened to the diligent, responsible, innovative, upright and honest teachers of Serbia. Those who are ready to build a world where our children will live. Those who are ready to learn in a time of great changes. The project is an opportunity for the teachers who make a difference to be acknowledged, unlike those who do everything by inertia, embedded in the everyday routine, without desire, strength or courage to change anything in this time of great changes. The message to my colleagues is that there is someone that appreciates and values that some teachers know and understand the way in which children learn, that they believe that every child can learn and develop and  that they create the environment and the process of learning that respects every child and starts from their own abilities, interests, needs and other characteristics. For me, this reward is an inspiration, an encouragement, a path, a motivation and support to keep going and endure on the road of changes, for a better, functional education, for every child in Serbian schools.”

  • Saša Porubski

    Zemun Grammar School, Zemun

    ”A man who wants to do something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse.” (Picasso) As I found a way to motivate a large number of children to do something great for themselves, the “Živojin Mišić” organization has found a way to help the children through us teachers to become better people that will make the world a better place. A quality circle for a better future. The “Živojin Mišić” organization motivates us to become better, as we are the ones that teach the children to become better and in turn make the world better and create an opportunity for many more such organizations that will foster true values. There are no excuses, we can see the light, the future awaits. Let us be prepared as more challenges are yet to come.”

  • Gordana Petrović

    Secondary Technical School “14. oktobar”, Kraljevo

    “The time that we live in has unfortunately degraded many values, among which is the profession of teaching. Your project brings back hope that there is someone who values and appreciates the work of teachers after all. This award has motivated me to continue to work hard so the students, and me as well, can enjoy acquiring new knowledge. Thank you for bringing back hope.”

  • Saša Čorboloković

    Elementary School „3. oktobar“, Bor

    In a time where negative comments about education and teachers are dominant, a project that acknowledges work, commitment, dedication of teachers and results achieved in working with children deservers all the praise. I think that the Organization has rightfully recognized that the future and prosperity of a society lie in its learning children, but that it is only possible with the people that are teaching those children. Organization of classes and approaches to teaching change, but the core values stay the same: the importance of a good teacher and pedagogue and the teaching profession itself as a base of all other professions, no matter how untrue some people today might think that is. The award meant the most to me because it gave me encouragement by showing me that I am on the right path even though I was sometimes questioning my method of work and my views on education. At the same time I realized that, despite all the difficulties that appear in your way, there is someone who still recognizes true values and encourages teachers to endure.



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