A crazy time has come

I have to say it is crazy because millions of people are locked up in their homes while a large world’s population is fighting for a bare life.

In this chaos and confusion, thousands of educators are struggling to reach their students and continue working as best as they can, without burdening the students or their parents.

In some places, this process is running very smoothly. There are platforms on the internet, there are various tools, there are computer literate teachers and computer literate students and everything is "well-oiled". Students learn, they play on platforms, they solve the tools their teachers send them, and everything is beautiful. They accept the teaching process as a game, and teachers monitor their progress.

However, there is another side of Serbia. There are teachers who do not handle technology well, who struggle to reach their students. On the other hand, again, there are teachers who can, know and are willing to, but students do not have the abilities.

Aleksa, 3. razred, OŠ „Milić Rakić Mirko“ Prokuplje

Although they have the Internet in their homes, neither children nor parents are computer literate. Then the teacher gets along in different ways. For example through the Viber Group. For example, I make a movie that I upload onto YouTube. Then I post a link to that movie in the group with additional instructions. When the children do the tasks, the parents take pictures and send them, and I review the same tasks by correcting them in "Bojanka" and send them feedback. Sometimes we talk in the Viber group, but since I have two classes, we talk in different time slots. To my older students, I send some of the exercises in the form of Google questionnaires. We are learning. We are getting on every way we know and can in our country Serbia. It will be good.

And this: I called them yesterday. Little Luka, a first grade student, started to cry. He is missing his teacher. And how much the teacher is missing all of them... I can't even say.

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