A creative classroom

Active school is directed towards a child and emphasises ...“There is no equal teaching for unequal students“. I am guided by this thought when I think out and organize curricular and extracurricular activities, in which process I motivate and encourage my students to acquire new knowledge, know-how and skills.

By the methods of innovative and creative learning students become more active in a thoughtful manner, in which process their role as a subject of teaching changes, which is an imperative of our educational school system. I view each my student as potentially gifted, I discover individual differences among children and children's needs, I adapt teaching to every student and respect their abilities. I am an advocate and lover of the project method of teaching by which implementation I carry out a large number of research and creativity activities with my students. 

The creativeness of students, their originality and even cognitive processes are developed in creative workshops. Experience, plenty of ideas and holistic thinking are exchanged from the aspect of functionality as an important characteristic of a teaching process. In a creative classroom practical, working, manual, expressive methods of work are dominant but also the social ones which encourage cooperation in work. By respecting the uniqueness of every student, the feeling of each student's own worth is developed and the motivation for learning becomes inner and personal.

The work in the workshops encourages curiousity and contributes to the quality of learning, life and intelectual capital. The inventiveness of students is cherished through the generation of new ideas, which results in a divergent opinion and the orientation towards new adventures and experiences.

Every well-organized, creative workshop ensures complete participation of students, develops the skills of teamwork and cooperation through interactive and experiential learning. I make an effort that my students, during these activities, receive new tasks, realize the importance and possibility of their application. My little co-workers become my equal planners, designers, initiators, researchers and creators in class. I respect their suggestions if they are justified and meaningful. Also, in the workshops the skills of empathy, positive and constructive examination, analysing and criticizing other people's actions in view of one's own behaviour is acquired.

I teach my students that a creative person is not motivated by the wish to win, but by the wish to achieve something. In order to succeed in it, teamwork is necessary and unity as an important starter and indicator of the success of each project. In this way the partner relationship between students and teachers is improved and the functionality in the communication of all participants, as well. In our creativity room a large number of projects has been revived and implemented, which develop and cherish love for art, richness of diversity, ecology and cultural heritage. Through the activities like these I discover creativity and talent in children and I direct them towards the higher level of progress. 

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