A short guide for students to write emails

In order to make it at least a little easier and helpful, especially in this situation, where teachers are overburdened with work, we present you a short instruction for writing e-mails made for elementary school students by Sasa Corbolokovic, prof. Serbian language in elementary school ,, 3. October ” from Bor.

Writing and sending emails is one of the most popular and widespread ways of modern communication. Given its topicality, frequency, but also its importance, it can be rightly said that knowledge of the rules of creating and sending e-mails is slowly entering the domain of elementary knowledge that every student must possess. Just as it used to be necessary to know how to write, address and send a regular letter correctly (official or private), such a status nowadays has e-mail message and e-mail.

Although students are expected to know the rules of writing and sending e-mails (at least older classes) very well today, practical examples often deny this. Namely, most students will successfully send a message, but with a large number of errors. Often the subject of the message (title) is not mentioned or it has almost nothing to do with its content. The title, the content and finally the signature, three important parts of the message text, are rarely present. In addition to all that, numerous inadmissible spelling mistakes should be added (messages are written in either lowercase or uppercase letters, without punctuation marks and respect for the rules on composed and disassembled spelling of words, etc.).

Here's a brief guide to what writing an email should look like.

Good luck!

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