The organization got its name from a great Serbian field marshal Živojin Mišić, who demonstrated incredible knowledge, innovative thinking, and capabilities for strategic planning These are skills that every good entrepreneur should have.

Our vision

Serbia in which entrepreneurship has become ubiquitous.

Our mission

Through innovative projects we wish to systematically develop entrepreneurial spirit and ambition among young people. Our focus is on educating young people, because we believe that it is the most important segment in the development of the human personality.

Our Goals


To find solutions to societal problems

To find solutions to societal problems through projects and organization activities and have long-term positive effects on young people.

To promote entrepreneurship among young people

To promote entrepreneurship among young people and direct them towards persistence, innovation and initiative.

To recognize the potential of young people

To recognize the potential of young people through projects that encourage them to think and make progress.

To encourage citizens and society

To encourage citizens and society in general to take initiative and believe in above-average results.

To encourage education

To encourage education by finding the best teachers that Serbia has and which build future critical intellectuals of this country.

The Organization for Inspiring Entrepreneurship “Živojin Mišić” was founded in 2013 in Belgrade out of desire to improve society and support entrepreneurship as a formula for economic prosperity and recovery of the country.


The organization was founded by a Serbian company “Prelovac Media” (today “Devana Technologies“) at the initiative of its employees. The original creator of the idea was Vladimir Prelovac, company founder and president of the organization. The company decided to invest a part of its profits in this idea in order to enrich the programs and projects of the organization, and to inspire young people and show them the path that will lead them to success.

As a non-governmental and non-profit association, the organization invests all of the resources in its own projects and carries them out with the generous help and advice of associates and friends. The organization decides on its own how the funds will be allocated, which of the social issues will it try to resolve using its own initiative or a project, and where to focus its strategy.

Every project of the “Živojin Mišić” Organization that came after was driven by an idea to inspire young people in every possible way to be brave, innovative, shrewd and to create their own opportunities, in one word – to become entrepreneurs themselves.

Once it was founded, stabilised and had its ideas and goals well structured, the organization successfully realized its first projects – “The New Hopes of chess“ and “Serbian Teaching Awards“ in 2014. Using these projects, the organization found the essence of the problem, that is, the source of good qualities and skills people have – chess and strategic thinking, and the education of youth and their versatility.

Our guiding principle is to care about the progress of children in Serbia and those who have the power to bring them on the right path and turn them into great and stable people.



Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir Prelovac is an entrepreneur, pilot, strategist, philanthropist, and father.

He was a competitor in swimming and diving. Ambitious chess player and guitar player, and his wish is to make video games one day.

He has been professionally engaged in programming since 2000.

He is interested in artificial intelligence and constantly thinking how to move humanity forward. He is the founder of Devana Technologies whose main product is ManageWP, a web application that helps users manage WordPress sites at the same time.

He successfully launched his company in Eastern Europe, which has reached the revenue of more than a million dollars in the first year of operations!

In 2013, he was named the best fast-growing entrepreneur by the company Ernest & Young.

Filantropic is engaged in entrepreneurship, which is why he founded the Association for encouraging entrepreneurship, Živojin Mišić. He personally thinks that entrepreneurship is something that can help our country not only economically in the long run, it can also help it become a leader in the region. Vladimir would like to realize through the Association large projects that will help fulfill this goal.

What fills him and what he does for himself is traveling, reading good books, playing chess that develops strategic thinking and teaching us to watch a few steps in advance, as well as other informal games with friends. He likes Pink Floyd. Hiking with his wife and daughters. Editing his Blog.

His goal is to change the world, but he still hasn’t found the code for it.


Tatjana Marković Topalović

She was born on March 24, 1969. in Pozarevac. She lives in Šabac since she was 4 years old.

She finished elementary and high school as the holder of the Vuk's diploma. She graduated from the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade, received her master's degree at the Department of Physics in Novi Sad in the field of Medical Physics. She is completing her PhD at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade entitled "Scientific Visualization of Physical Phenomena in Science Parks and School Courts". Since 1992 she has been working in education. She is considering experience of working in three schools invaluable in educational and human terms. Multiple awards.

She is proud to point out two awards she has chosen for the noble cooperation with the "Živojin Mišić" Association, the choice for one of the Best educators in Serbia in 2014 and the selection for the competition of Global Teacher Prize best teacher in front of Serbia.

She founded the society of physics admirer -FIZIXE in her school, for years she led the Summer School of Children's Science. She is the author and co-author of the first Science Park in Serbia. Following the reputation of this park, it has influenced the construction of five more science parks in Serbia with the idea of ​​creating an incentive environment for learning natural sciences.

Cooperates with a large number of institutions in her city (Cultural Center, Theater, Youth Office, Vocational Training Center, schools) and in the country (Association "Živojin Mišić", CPN, ZVKOV, ZUOV, Museum of Illusions, LINK-group, SANU, DFS , Colping team ...).

A daughter, of a doctor and a professor, a mother of two daughters, one, an engineer and another, who is currently being educated to become one. Wife of an electrical engineer with whose unreserved support continuously advances in their improvement and achievement of goals. She sings in the vocal group “Šapčanke” and is a member of the Literary Club "Conversations". Direct, persistent, strict, honest, profoundly believes in education, an educated man and a society that changes thanks to education ... Her motto is: "Children should be given roots and wings".


Tamara Mihajlović

Tamara Mihajlović has been the coordinator of the Association "Živojin Mišić" since the middle of 2021. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade in the field of pedagogy and completed multidisciplinary master studies in migration at the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, where she was engaged in the rights to education from a teacher's perspective. She has collaborated with numerous non-governmental organizations at the national level in the field of non-formal education as well as international organizations in the field of education of children. A student of the human rights school "Vojin Dimitrijević" in 2019. She participated in a youth exchange program in Brussels during which she dealt with the topic of identity through film and other multimedia.

She speaks English and French. In addition to studying education as her primary area of interest, she practices yoga, hiking and snowboarding. She is an advocate of an active life, and likes to spend her free time in nature, to travel and enjoy works of art and good music.

She believes that ideas make the world go round, and also believes in the saying: "Action is the basis for every success".


WhyŽivojin Mišić?

  • The organization got its name from a great serbian field marshal Živojin Mišić, who demonstrated incredible knowledge, innovative thinking, and capabilities for strategic planning. These are skills that every good entrepreneur should have.
    Živojin Mišić went from village shepherd to one of the most famous allied field marshal in the First World War. The association aims to inspire young people in a similar way and show them that everyone can climb to the world's peak, regardless of origin and status.
  • He was talented and educated, had a breadth of comprehension, and was open and willing to learn from world practice, and always dedicated and devoted to his call and country. Work and dedication, passion and dedication are the secrets of the success of successful entrepreneurs even today, whether in science, art, economy or the army.
  • Zivojin Misic wrote his most famous pages of Serbian history with his courage and discretion, experience and modesty, and nowadays it seems to us that his name is not celebrated as much as he indebted and celebrated Serbia.
  • That is why we want our Association that promotes the characteristics that were adorned by Živojin Mišić himself.


The desire to improve the society and give it back a portion of the profit has resulted in founding of the Organization for Inspiring Entrepreneurship in Serbia. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe that starting your own business, self-employment and employment of others are a sure way to ensure economic progress and recovery of the country. We wish to inspire, encourage and teach young people how to engage in developing their own products and to raise awareness about its importance.


Vladimir Prelovac