Award "Golden plaque of the municipality" from the angle of the Best Educator of Serbia

On July 2, the Municipality of Sopot awarded the “Golden Plaque of the Municipality” to the most successful legal entities and individuals for the achieved results and achievements in various fields in 2019.

Among the winners was one of the 69 Best Educators of Serbia, Lidija Videnovic, who was awarded in the field of education for her achievements. 

This award is particularly significant in recognition of education. In our municipality, it was awarded to educators for the first time last year, and now for the second time. Previously, it was awarded to high school students. It is a special honor and pleasure to have been awarded the Golden Plaque for our municipality.

In order to be the winner of such awards as well as NES awards it is necessary to invest enormous effort and effort from the beginning of your working life, not in recent years. I have been recognized in my work life since 1989 when I started working by counselors, colleagues, principals, students, parents. 

Everyone used to tell me that I was doing something different with my children, that I had a great deal with my parents, but I thought it was our duty. Then I started my work to upgrade, by writing textbooks, to pass on what is good from my practice to others, I started organizing with colleagues from my school, and then throughout Serbia to organize workshops, which became an integral part of my accredited programs.

 I studied with students in a variety of settings, organized various surprises during their classes and visits, listened to their wishes and ideas, and realized whenever possible. after 20 years of work, the rewards began to slowly decline. 

First, the "Most Innovative Teacher in Serbia" Award, a series of awards for various competitions, the NES Award and now the Golden Plaque. After receiving the NES award, many things change in my working life. The desire for more work, improvement of teaching, constant reflection on what is best for education in our country. My motto is that persistence and work always wins. one should be patient and consistent in their work. 

Behind me are generations of students who are exceptional students. Every award we get is a breeze in the back. so, on this occasion, I once again thank the Živojin Mišić Association for recognizing my work and for thinking what else I can do for the rest of my working life.

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