Boost Creativity – Strengthen School

     Man is a genetically creative being, and how much do we manage to preserve this precious feature in ourselves and do we appreciate it and encourage it in our pupils? A creative child is curious, flexible, strives for independence, of fantastic spirit and loves play. Are not these the traits that could defeat all the obstacles that modern and future age bring?          

     A great many talented, creative people think that they are not talented and creative because the things at which they were good at school perhaps were not appreciated enough. This is why we have to think first about the principles according to which we educate our children, whose talent is endlessly varied. All of them have various abilities and our task is to view that richness of creative abilities and educate whole their being so that they could confront the future tomorrow.

   Kažu da je informacija bila najtraženija roba 20.veka, a u 21.veku najtraženija roba na svim tržištima je kreacija. Samim tim glavna tendencija u školama 21.veka bi trebalo da se odnosi na afirmaciji kreacije, a ne na afirmaciji samo i jedino akademskih znanja, jer bez kreativnog stvaranja nema pravog školskog života.

      The ways I, as a music teacher, make an effort to boost creativity in my students:

  •  I seek to always have a vast number of performances and visits during a year.
  •  I continuously record the music which we create – by recording albums (the experience of recording music in the studio for children – invaluable).
  •  We often present our work in the media – television, radio-performances, printed media.
  •  We connect permanently through the activities of Serbia Global Art Team in which all present and former students, and our colleagues as well, take part. Link
  • We connect with other ministries, first of all, with the Ministry of Culture and Information so as to apply for the projects, become engaged in music, television and culture programmes.
  • I make an effort to organize a large number of music workshops, both for my students and the students from other schools, such as: “From tradition to modernization”, “Do, re, mi”, “Let’s colour music”, “Creativity, identity and culture remembrance”… Link
  • I create festival activities in which both children and teachers could show all their knowledge, art, talent, skills – GroArt, Fest  Link
  •  I seek to continuously take part in international cultural programmes such as “The Days of European Heritage”, “Retnik Fest”…
  •  I make an effort to develop entrepreneurial spirit in my students, showing them that we can earn through cultural action (for example, engaging in a national and television project “Nemanjići – rađanje kraljevine”)
  • We continuously learn from the best through the cooperation of our students with our great performer Biljana Krstić whose master class - educational workshops we regularly attend.
  • Art disciplines are inseparable so that we implement all our ideas in cooperation with our art teacher Marina Mitrić whose students on this occasion made beautiful works on the following topic: “Boost creativity – strengthen school”

   Beside the affirmation of creative spirit and potential, my wish is that formal education paid attention to the education of heart, learning about love, compassion, justice, forgiveness, tolerance, peace. This education is necessary from kindergarten to secondary school and university. I think of social, emotional and ethical learning. We need the world’s initiative for educating heart and mind in this modern age and how can we achieve this if it were not for music? Music is not learnt, music is lived!

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