„CLASS DOJO“ – 3 in 1

Primary school “Stevan Jakovljević“ has been in the project “Razvionica“ for four years, long enough to stand side by side with the best schools in the world. After a fundamental turn in the philosophy of teaching through the introduction of “self-regulation“ as a new concept of metacognitive learning and modern information and communications technologies into regular and extracurricular classes, the school continues with its traditional dedication to the cooperation with parents as one of the key factors of the whole education and educational process.

The vision of our school exceeds the conditions and standards of this place and expands its horizons on other, just viewed geographically, far countries and continents where it finds a warm, stretched hand of friendship of the colleagues whose language and the colour of skin are different, but the problems in teaching are completely the same. There, in those well-known ghettos of the Edmodo million community, you can hear the most various problems of our colleagues and their students and good solutions and recommendations as well.

One of them refers to the cooperation with parents who want to regularly monitor the progress and achievements of their children at school and receive daily and weekly reports without going to the school. “How is that possible“?, you ask yourself. The most modern schools in the world use a web application named “CLASS DOJO“ so as to send the parents the timely information about the students. The application itself is very simple and reminds us of a virtual classroom in which you can follow the notifications by the teacher, photos and videos from classes and also the attendance at the classes, discipline and achievement of the students on a daily basis. Moreover, it gives you the insight into the complete electronic portfolios of students, created jointly by students and the teacher. The application can be accessed via a desktop or laptop computer, tablet and an android phone. All you need for the log-in is the code which a parent receives from the teacher. Parents choose their own email address and the password. For each subsequent log-in it is necessary to enter only the e-mail and the password and the profile of the child is opened, containing all relevant and statistical data, something similar to an electronic attendance register.
From the point of view of the student,''CLASS DOJO'', is a creative game in which he collects both positive and negative points for work and behavior at school, hiding behind his cute avatar in the form of a shaggy and benevolent monster whose appearance he creates.

From the point of view of the parents, “CLASS DOJO“ application is the fastest way of finding out everything about their child without taking additional time and going to the school. Now the parents are in a direct contact with the teachers who teach their children and who follow the development of the children. They can see what the students have learnt at school, what they will have in the writing test, see the photos and videos from classes and also send a direct message to the teacher.

From the point of view of a teacher, the benefit is triple: the students will approach teaching with more attention and discipline because they know that their achievement and behaviour are continually monitored; the parents will be receiving timely information and will react when necessary and the teacher will bring together in one place all pedagogical files with statistical parameters of all students and the whole class/grade, which otherwise he has to do, but this time his job will be significantly eased and, by the way, he himself will have fun, won’t he?

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