"If each of us does a little, it will mean a lot to nature," said elementary school students to anyone who can help us step along the paths of responsibility to protect and conserve nature, humans and all living things.

World Climate Change Day, celebrated around the globe on November 4th, was celebrated in Krusevac during the month of November. Krusevac kindergartens, primary and secondary schools organized lectures, workshops, greening of school and city areas, art and literary exhibitions, with the aim of raising awareness and conscience in children, young people and citizens with the support and assistance of eco-coordinators.

The "Plant Your Tree" campaign was planted at multiple locations in and around the city, with the largest number of seedlings planted in Pioneer Park. The organizer of the greening is the City of Krusevac in cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Commerce Krusevac, PE "Serbia Forests", PUC "Vodovod-Krusevac" and PUC "Krusevac and interested citizens, and the main role was played by members of the Scout Squad" Jastreb ", students of the Elementary School" Nada Popovic "And the Veselin Nikolic High School.

At "Nada Popovic" Elementary School, a lecture for students was prepared by the members of the Eco Section and workshops on ecophysics - model greenhouse were conducted by Grammar School students, Iva Brankovic, Katarina Kostic and Jovana Dinic, former students of "Nada Popovic" Elementary School were sixth grade students. Guests from the Public Health Institute gave a talk with students. The elementary school "Brana Pavlovic" organized interactive experiments for students "Climate change and what they bring us", and in the local school of the same name in the school yard in Lazarevac organized the planting of seedlings donated by nurseries from the local community.

Climate Change Day at the Vladislav Savic Jan Elementary School was marked by lectures and a panel discussion prepared by 7th and 8th grade students at the Milutin Milankovic Polytechnic School. if we don’t, ”by creating student artwork and setting up an exhibition for all school students, teachers, and parents. Climate change days have been marked by more than 600 students from Krusevac's primary and secondary schools, with clear messages for a better and more beautiful planet.

At the Cultural Center Krusevac was held a manifestation "Night of the Theater", whose theme is environment and climate change called "Neither in heaven nor on earth". The program included an exhibition of costumes, fine art works on a given topic, a theater performance "The Seasons" by students of the Veselin Nikolic School, a court performance of "Stanislav Binicki" Elementary School students, workshops as well as a theater eco marathon with performances by students on eco topics.

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