International Climate Change Day, one of the most important environmental dates, is celebrated every year on November 4, when various activities and campaigns are organized around the world to inform and warn the inhabitants of the planet Earth about the negative consequences of climate change.

In Kruševac, the Day of Climate Change is known under the name "Climate, Jastrebac, my city and us". On that occasion, Kruševac primary and secondary schools organized numerous activities during November: lectures, workshops (greenhouse effect, climate of the classes and schools, water, air, acid rain, biodiversity, wildlife), tribunes - how each of us can help in reducing the consequences of climate change, campaigns, greening of schoolyards and city parks.
The central manifestation was held in the Theatre of Kruševac on 5th November in 2018.
The Project Ecocamp 2018 "Let's discover Jastrebac" was publicly presented, and an exhibition of student works about it was set up in the hall of the Theater.

Participants of the eco-camp, elementary school students introduced the audience (teachers, parents, guests and the media) about the results of research on the biodiversity of the nearby Jastrebac mountain, about socializing and personal impressions: orally, in verse, with music, sketch, messages for nature conservation. The apposite program of children from the kindergarten "Kolibri", students of the elementary school "Stanislav Binički" with the play "Dvorska ekologijada" and the choir of the elementary school "Jovan Popović" took us on the path to preserving a healthy environment, the paths of Čika Jova Zmaj: "Wherever you find a convenient place - plant a tree "and Ljubivoje Ršumović: "Homeland is defended with flowers and bees in bloom, with poppies and sunflowers and flying birds… homeland is defended with beauty and honor and knowledge… and beautiful upbringing"

Moments educators, teachers, children and students working together frontally and in groups showed that love between people sends good energy to nature, both in the field of learning and education to preserve the environment and natural resources, and the development of skills and creativity, talent, thinking and social aspects of teaching. Teachers encouraged students to discuss, argue, confront their ideas and try to reach agreement on common conclusions: conserving biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources, adapting to climate change and mitigating its effects, increasing protected areas.

Ecology and environmental protection should become a priority in education, and this can be achieved in the learning process, from preschool education onwards, through curricula and extracurricular programs, approximation of theory and practice, saving natural resources, sustainable production and consumption, energy saving, the introduction of renewable energy sources and education for sustainable development.

Kruševac park Slobodište received 30 new seedlings planted by elementary school students, with the message to plant and protect green areas and forests-guardians of the Planet.
Sponsor City of Krusevac, organizers Working Group for Environmental Education, Environmental Protection Service, participants-children, primary school teachers, educators, secondary school teachers, parents, socially responsible institutions and companies, Regional Chamber of Commerce Krusevac, under the watchful eye of the media have contributed to reminding us all how to use positive examples to influence the prevention of the negative consequences of climate change.

Program activities of ecological education and upbringing on ecological literacy among children, youth and citizens of Kruševac positively influence changes in behavior in relation to nature and the environment, create a sense of shared responsibility for climate and climate change, which contributes to solving many problems and the survival of life on our planet.   

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