Co-teaching of the Best Educators of Serbia!

"When you join the team of the best educators in Serbia, you are not just a member of the team, you are part of one big family. The members of that family are people who are always there for each other, who support each other, exchange ideas and experiences, cooperate...” - says Jelena.

Two teachers from Prokuplje, Ljiljana Sokolović from the Nikodije Stojanović Tatko Elementary School and Jelena Babić from the Milić Rakić Mirko Elementary School, marked the Day of Music on June 21st with a thematic day called "Music is around us".

Namely, these two teachers organized joint activities through the Zoom platform, using digital tools, and conducted integrated classes where, in addition to music, there were also contents from mathematics, Serbian language, physical education, and art culture.

At the beginning of the school day, the teacher Ljiljana Sokolović addressed the students of both schools. At the beginning of the class, they talked about music and its importance for the growth and personality development of students. After that, teacher Babić played the game "Discover a secret personality" with the students through the Learningapss application, where interesting facts from the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were presented in the form of a puzzle. By opening the pieces of the puzzle, part by part of Mozart's portrait is revealed, and at the end, the students get a complete portrait.

When interesting details from Mozart's life were discovered, and a conversation about fascinating facts took place, teacher Sokolović announced a math class through the Think link application. In this application, she presented tasks based on the life and work of the mentioned artist for first and second-grade students, while fourth-grade students were given the mathematical game "Choose a note".

Tasks for first and second-grade students were related to determining addition and subtraction within the first hundred. For the fourth grade, mathematical expressions were prepared so that each expression has its pair in the form of a drawn note, so the final result is obtained by dividing the expression value by the value of the extracted note (papers with expressions and notes were in special boxes).

During the break, the guest in the class was the fifth-grade student of the Nikodije Stojnović Tatko Elementary School, Andrej Jocić, who introduced himself to the students and presented his guitar skills. The activities in the next class, the Serbian language class, involved vocabulary enrichment on music.

It would have been an ordinary class for two teachers if there was no cooperation between the two Best Educators in Serbia, from two parts of the country - Mile Đačić from Belgrade and Jelena Babić from Prokuplje.

When the teachers from Prokuplje came up with the idea to invite someone who has a lifetime commitment to music, they immediately thought of the incredible Mila, who gladly agreed to participate in this activity. She had a conversation with students from both schools on the music, and after that, they all sang the children's song "Kad si srećan" together with Mila's piano accompaniment. After Mila's visit during the celebration of the Day of Music, the students, accompanied by Mozart's Turkish March, performed body movements and timing. Also, later in the physical education class, they played children's games with singing.

The students of both schools were in a great mood, and they were thrilled to accept this way of working and expressed the desire for this class to be repeated. Very lively, instructive, inspiring… To remember!

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