Education on the train - part five

On the last trip from Novi Sad to Odžak, teacher Marta took students from class VI/7, for whom she is also a class teacher. It is a class that has lessons in Hungarian and has only 15 students.

Before planning to go to Odžaci, the teacher was guided by the idea of providing her class with a short one-day trip to Odžaci in addition to education on the train. She agreed in advance with a history colleague from the high school of art that she would welcome them as a host at the station in Odžaci and introduce them to the history of this place in Vojvodina.

As before, the teacher left with her class by train at 10 a.m. to Odžak. Along the way, she held a lesson in fine arts. They worked on the teaching unit - the space texture. Before the trip, the students received the necessary material online, and on the train, the teacher emphasized the texture of the fields, trees, sky…

In her explanation, she used reproductions of Van Gogh, more precisely his drawings with charcoal. She pointed out that he often painted and drew in the field and that similarly as he did, the students try to draw the landscape seen from the train with charcoal sticks. She drew their attention to the importance of using a line when displaying texture. The students first took photos of the landscape seen from the train and then made drawings of their choice. The teacher visited the students, gave them guidelines, and made individual corrections to their works. The working atmosphere was great because the students were motivated by this way of working. The train reached its destination in an hour, and that was enough to complete the work.

History teacher Đurđina Stošič welcomed the group at the station. She took the group from the station to the museum. There, the archaeologist and curator of the museum, Dr. Vladimir Stojanović, and his colleague introduced students to the history of this settlement and the archeological exhibition. In the setting of this institution, the students had the opportunity to see a replica of the famous Red-haired Goddess, which dates from the Neolithic time. After this visit, the students had the opportunity to taste the far-famed ice cream from Odžaci. They continued their travels to the nearby Orthodox Church. There, they had a short lecture by the historian Đurđina Stošić about the origin of the name of the church. While observing the church icons, teacher Marta also explained to them the laws that icon painting requires. After this visit, they ended their stay in Odžaci in a beautiful local park.

They had the opportunity to play on a well-equipped playground and socialize. The train to Novi Sad from Odžak left at 5 p.m. Teacher Marta used the way to Novi Sad for the homeroom class. During the hour-long drive, she started a conversation about diversity and tolerance. She talked to her students about the different age groups of passengers and behavior when traveling in public transport such as a train. Through a small game, she asked the volunteers to describe in words what they currently saw through the window, imagining that their companion was a blind person. Also, through the game, they talked about people who have some physical difficulties and how they can help such people in their way during similar situations in public transport.

Time flew by quickly, and curious parents greeted class VI/7, who arrived with teacher Marta at the Novi Sad station after 6 p.m. with a lot of new experiences and impressions.

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