Education on the train - the third part

The pursuit of the landscapes of the Vojvodina's plain

In the middle of last month, on May 19, class VII-1 from the Petefi Šandor Elementary School from Novi Sad, which has 29 students, went on a train journey on the route Novi Sad-Odžaci-Novi Sad.

The lessons were held in two subjects: fine arts held by Marta Kiš Buterer and in Serbian language and literature held by her colleague Slađana Knežević.

Before the trip, the teachers agreed not to change the topic of the teaching content and that in the fine arts, practice the aerial and central perspective based on the landscape seen from the train. Within the Serbian language and literature, the teacher held preparation for a written task with the same topic as the essay "The Pursuit of Landscapes" written by Peđa Milosavljević.

While entering the train, the class was divided into two groups, group A and group B. In the front part of the train, group A had a lesson in fine arts, while in the back of the train, group B had a class in Serbian language and literature. On their return to Novi Sad, the groups rotated.

Within fine arts, the students received online teaching content about impressionist's way of depicting landscapes, as well as technical instructions for art technique, drawing with dry pastels. Immediately upon entering, the teacher gave them material, papers in color, and pastels.

A short introduction followed as a motivation for the class where the teacher pointed out the fact that now they can have the same experience as Impressionist painters. Painters used to go from their studios to the fields in search of landscape motifs, and now they travel by train and can photograph the desired motif with their cameras.

The teacher also showed them a couple of reproductions. Based on the desired landscapes, the students created their works with dry pastels. During that process, the teacher guided them individually and made individual corrections.

An hour of the journey from Novi Sad to Odžak was enough for the students to do their artwork.

The students were very motivated to work, and there was a pleasant creative atmosphere in the train car. While group A drew to Odžak, group B had teaching content from the Serbian language and literature.

After a week, the students had a written assignment in the Serbian language. Excellently written assignments indicated the motivation of students as well as their experience. Through their written works, they had shown their impression of the landscapes of Vojvodina and the desire for such projects to happen more often.

Here is one of the written assignments that you can read here.

To be continued...

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