Educators are people of a big heart!

Tough times. Great alienation. Fast life. People are looking to finish their jobs and close in the shelter of their homes to rest. They are chasing, running, rushing. They do not even know where, but it is important to get the work done, because the work can not wait.
Kids, joy, laughter. They run, they jump, they seek attention. They are given smartphones, and sometimes they are being taken to the park. The few who devote their time to this wealth are rare.

Nikolina is a blonde girl. Nikolina is a clear-eyed girl. Nikolina is a spirited child. She is playing. Going to school. Nikolina runs, climbs, laughs, jumps. Nikolina is curious, bright, smart. Nikolina's mom is dedicated, gentle
Nikolina has a lump. Her mom notices a change. Nikolina needs treatment abroad. Nikolina is not losing hope
Help is needed - this is spinning in the media. Bank account, humanitarian actions, small town Prokuplje is trying, Serbia is trying, goodwill people are being hopeful. The numbers are huge for our average person. Still, they manage. Nikolina goes to Germany for treatment. Nikolina is losing her hair. She is not losing hope. It's successful. No it's not. The tumor is back...
Other children, on the other hand, live carelessly. Other children have a happy childhood. Other children ride bikes, roller skates, explore the environment…

Some children had a happy and carefree childhood, full of adventures. Some children were climbing trees, stealing neighbor cherries and jumping in the sand. Some children had a family. Some children were kids.
A book was written about that childhood, about that little family. "Borovnjak Family". A real children's booklet.
Thanks to the Zivojin Misic Association, as part of the award for best educator of Serbia, a teacher and author of the book Jelena Babic, was able to make her dream come true. Does everyone make their dreams come true?
Friends are asking, they want to buy a book. She never thought of selling it - she wanted to give it to dear people. The story goes on... And then the idea - she will sell the book, but all the profit will go to Nikolina.
Educators are people of a big heart. Educators are humanists, empathetic, willing to collaborate. If they weren't like that, they wouldn't hold that title.

The deed was enthusiastically accepted. Jelena's action was selflessly joined by a teacher from Valjevo, Lucija Tasic, who sent her books. At the promotion of the "Borovnjak Family" the entire circulation of the book was sold as well as several of Lucija's books.A certain amount of money was raised. Not that much, but the gesture of a teacher and her friends is what’s important. It's not much, but it's important to be human.

"Nikolina is well. There is another check waiting and she will be able to be with her friends, and I... I will never forget the tears when I saw her at the door of the Museum of Toplica, where my promotion was taking place, the sincere embrace of the child I saw for the first time in my life, the smile and look of those two clear eyes watching me closely as I read and spoke. " -Jelena Babić.

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