Graduates marathon

The good news is heard far and wide, but on the other hand, the bad news travels much faster and is more interesting to people. With that in mind, I present to you on this occasion a great positive story that began in October 2012. It did not become known so quickly, but we hope that it will be heard far away.

This is our story. The curtain rises, the show begins. 

"It's easy to think, it's hard work. To work as hard as possible is from everything in the world.(Goethe)

Throughout my sports career, I have built many positive qualities that have led me to a certain view of the world and the belief that anything is possible. It is from this conviction that I always ask myself the question "on what wayin?How to reach the goal, the solution? How can I get the best out of my situation? How can I best justify the purpose of the position where I am?

And that's how it all started. Listening to young people (children) around me and talking to them I came to the conclusion that children rarely have the opportunity to show how much they are worth. To show all their potential. To prove first and foremost to themselves and others, their quality and their value that is measured by traits rather than skills.

Not everyone is able to quickly remember, quickly solve tasks, understand what is required of them. Not all developed conversational skills with which they can present what they know and not all of them are able to handle the ball well and with their body. And exactly these skills are being sought from them in order to determine their value, and most of the competition just demands it.

What is neglected are characteristics that reflect someone's character and which are more important than anything else so far. And having all this in mind, I remembered what helped me to strengthen my character and not be ashamed of what I am.

Of course, various situations from my sports career helped me much earlier, but I still notice such situations in my running trainings. I remembered what my first half marathons and then marathons brought me and how proud I am of each of them. And here we return to the question "how to help those children show how much they are worth and be proud of themselves"And the answer has already imposed itself.

Marathon. A marathon is a chance for children to get something precious, something most valuable that life can give them. An opportunity to build their character through perseverance, perseverance, responsibility, organization, determination, sacrifice, through knowing what they are able to do. Opportunity to become PEOPLE.

"Do not believe in words, either to your own or to others, believe only with works, both your own and others(Tolstoy)

Now it was necessary to move from words to works, from idea to realization. We identified the problem, found the solution, set the goal, and what we have left is to find the way in which we will realize that idea. Now he needs to twist his sleeves and get caught in the evil spirits

"To take a new step, to say a new word - that is what people are most afraid ofe.(Dostojevski)

You know, there is something in people to "scare" something new, something different, something where they do not see the final outcome. And this prevents them from spending a little more energy if they do not have a direct and immediate profit from it. It prevents them from getting out of their comfort zone and looking at a little wider picture of what is in front of them.

They told me: what will it do to you, do not waste time, lose energy, do not pay off, they do not care, it's not your problem ... It's not my problem? So who will if we do not, professors? We are at that place and we have the opportunity to change something. Who will stand up for those kids who cry for proof?

We have to bear that responsibility because we have the honor and privilege to make people from the children. Starting from this privilege, I did not hesitate, but I started with the work of the Marathon section of the Zemun gymnasium, which was intended to prepare children for a half marathon and a marathon, and whose hidden goals were the values ​​I previously mentioned.

The first challenge was how to break the prejudices that children have about the marathon. A marathon as a difficult, unfeasible and risky endeavor. Break down prejudices about how only top athletes do it, and some lunatics. How bad for health. To hurt the knees… And many more such and similar ones that needed to be broken in order for the children to even start thinking about starting a story called a marathon.

However, I was lucky to have one among my students great individuals who, for reasons known only to them, embarked on this adventure "on the first ball" without much persuasion. I believe that the fact that I showed with my example that a marathon doesn't hurt so much and that someone close to them (I mean someone they see every day) can do it also helped a little. In any case, the marathon section had a good starting point of 6 registered students who quickly understood the meaning of everything and who later helped me a lot in everything.

Omne initium difficile - every start is difficult

How important, the right information gets to as many children as possible but that they still understand the essence? It was the next question that was in front of me. The time of Physical education for them is not enough inspiration and I tried in various ways to explain to them what the marathon section is and what kind of opportunity they are providing. He listened a lot to his ears and heard a few of them. And I realized that I had to take a step further and organize something that would be striking and that it would have a big effect on the children.

The solution was PRESENTATION OF MARATHON. It was intended to break prejudice and bring them closer to them. With the help of the first members of the marathon section, we held a presentation in the ceremonial hall of the Zemun gymnasium where a phenomenon called marathon was presented in an interesting and recognizable manner.

The first thing that surprised me was that the solemn hall was full of more than 150 students and professors of the Zemun grammar school. And we have not shared anything for free except for the right information and positive energy. It turned out that this was an ideal way for children to feel at least a fraction of what marathon gives them, because after the presentation, a large number of new members of the marathon section were registered.

The following questions that were asked in front of me were: "how to organize so many children who enter the world of running and how to maintain motivation"It was necessary to pay attention that the school (teaching) does not suffer, that everyone receives equal treatment, to provide safe conditions for training and all that in the period that is the most difficult for them. The end of the semester was approaching, the conclusion of grades, unfavorable weather conditions, rain, wind, snow, ice and other "children's diseases". It all fell on the shoulders of these young heroes. Personal example, continuous motivational conversations, meetings, various trainings, changing training locations, cooperation with other racing clubs, races and other gatherings were some of the ways to create a cohesive racing team.

You have to bear in mind that these are mostly non-athletes, who have not yet had the opportunity to feel such a system of values ​​and such a relationship, and that they have not developed such a relationship to themselves, their bodies, their health and their habits so far. A lot of them were new to them, and they understood everything they could do. And of course we have tackled all the challenges and overcome all the obstacles we have encountered and created a team of young people who now represents an inspiration to others.

Gloria discipuli, gloria magistri - The glory of the disciple is the glory of the teacher

There is no greater reward than when you harvest the fruits of your work and when you see how your principles for which you are so proud reflect on others while spreading like some unstoppable virus. All energy and sacrifice for these ends become justified. For me, it is a transfer of life lessons (knowledge and experience) to something that is not priced and which is irreplaceable. Watch how children become people, watch their joy, laughter, pride, win over themselves, and watch how they create history, so there's more value than that.

It is an honor and a pleasure to work with these young people and enjoy creating something unique in this area. I am honored to be a part of the Marathon Graduates.

These are the beginnings and the successes of Maturant's marathon runners will be presented on another occasion. Stay on this channel because you have not heard the best of all. The second act is just followed 

"The world is a stage where everyone plays their part""Shakespeare

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