"BAKING DAYS" is a project of the Agricultural School "Šumatovac", a project of a couple of us enthusiasts, with my small age, which started fourteen years ago, with the aim of improving the enrollment of students in the educational profile - a baker.

In the beginning, it was a project without any cash. I remember a time when, with colleagues, I went from shop to shop, from business to business, and begged to give some prizes to participants in various competitions and competitions. From that first day until today, I have been volunteering, like my other colleagues, year after year with unceasing enthusiasm, developing the manifestation, expanding it, improving it.

In just a few years, the people of the Municipality recognized the benefits for the whole Municipality, and started helping. How much - usually with a maximum of 240,000.00. With these money and small donations from the side, we annually award over 80 students in sports competitions (medals, goblets), 20 students in art and literary competitions (commemorative gifts), 8 students for the best Slavic cake, the best table arrangement, 3 the most beautiful Slavic cakes from the ranks of citizens and 3 from the ranks of professional bakers (more valuable prizes of the type: electric bakeries and other electronic devices applicable for baking), and we host up to 7000 people and guests from at least three foreign countries !!!!

And the activities are as follows: It all begins with art and literary competitions for students of elementary schools in the Republic of Serbia on given topics within the bakery. Continues with sports competitions. For elementary school students, these are interesting "Borderless Games", and for elementary school students: competition in soccer for students and volleyball for students. The central events of bakery days last for three days and have been on the State Events Calendar for many years.

Every year, on "Bakery Days", in the third week of October, visitors can see: -cultural-artistic program during all three days: two theater performances, choirs, KUDs, plays, and other that shows the rich culture and tradition of our people. In addition to socializing, there is always an entertaining program: ethno fashion shows, fashion shows of school creative workshops and recycling of clothes, music spots of music school students, etc.

Since this year, we have enriched this segment with a program that introduced all the participating countries to their culture and traditions. This year it was a joint performance of students from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia "Touching the culture and traditions of the region!"; - various exhibitions: from exhibitions of famous artists, through unusual artworks, museum exhibitions, to retrospectives of bakery days and exhibitions of art works by students from all over the country:

  • the ethnological setting of "Folk Handicrafts", the setting of various associations of citizens from all over Serbia, handicrafts, bakery products and everything that represents the culture and tradition of our people, all through the centuries. But here is also the promotion of the potential of the Municipality, even rural tourism. For the last two days a tea party is organized for all citizens of the Municipality and for all visitors;
  • school settings on the theme "Traditional and Contemporary Bakery", In this segment of "Bakery Days", guests from abroad, from Maribor (Slovenia) have been participating for more than ten years; Vidin (Bulgaria), Dalia (Croatia), and there were even guests from Denmark, etc., and traditionally more than ten years have been participating in schools from Niš, Smederevo, Lapovo, Vlasotinac, Prokuplje, Paracin. Soko Banja, Krusevac, Razanj, Smederevska Palanka, Aleksandrovac, Pozarevac, etc .;
  • a workshop by students at my Artistic Dough school, where students show interested visitors how to make figures for decorating celebrity cakes. For example, three years ago, on "RTS 1" in the show "This is Serbia", and on "Pink" in the "Dnevnik", I, with my students, taught students from Slovenia how to decorate a celebratory cake !!!;
  • competition for the "Most Beautiful Slavic Cake", in the category of students, citizens, professional bakers, but also for the best arrangement of the celebratory table. Benefits: students develop all competencies that foster competitions, with the knowledge that whatever they choose after graduation (to get a job or stay home or retrain) that the knowledge they adopt can continue to apply. Parents and other people from the Municipality, as well as the whole country and beyond, are included. Let's say the curiosity was that a few years ago, one of the awards for the most beautiful Slavic cake went to school from Croatia !!!;
  • the preservation of culture and tradition is also reflected in the ceremonial cutting and sanctification of the victorious slave cake by the Priests of the Brotherhood of St. Nicholas Church; Last-day lunch is also organized at church premises.
  • There are also obligatory professional lectures within the event, which I have been organizing with the greatest pleasure for years. In addition to my colleagues, I hosted many eminent experts of our country, professors from faculties, doctors, as well as all those who can contribute to our profession, who pass on their knowledge to all visitors from home and abroad. This year there were 7 lecturers and 179 participants: colleagues and colleagues of visitors and participants of this event.

How I started my turn is to finish: even today, fourteen years later, my school has no problems with enrolling students in an educational profile - a baker. The original goal was achieved over a long period of time. I hope that, based on everything else you could read here, she can conclude whether the other goals, which were before my colleagues and fourteen years ago, were fulfilled: -Promotion of the Agricultural School “Šumatovac”, -Affirmation of the potentials that the Municipality of Aleksinac has ... - Multidisciplinary networking of institutions and individuals engaged in various activities -Promoting the cultural and sociological values ​​of the modern social system -Affirmation of culture in all segments of life, etc. Or have we overcome them. Support institutions (or how we manage with so little money to organize such a large event):

Assembly of the Municipality of Aleksinac (already mentioned); Aleksinac Center for Culture and Art (free space and technical support); Institution for rest and recreation of children Lipovac (refreshment for competitors); Aleksinac Sports and Recreation Center (free gym); General Association of Entrepreneurs Aleksinac (networking with participants outside schools); Radinost Citizens Association Aleksinac (fashion show) City Theater 'Theater 91' (free theater performances);

Sponsors of Slavic Cake Awards:

  1. Lesaffre, France
  2. Dis Todorović, Raažanj;
  3. Adonis, Sokobanja.

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