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Ah, mathematics! It is a strange science, or a strange gadget, which gives me a headache...

So as not to be like this, maths must be interesting and unusual We have held in a somewhat odd way a maths class of the addition of a double-digit number and single-digit number, exceeding the decimal. Namely, we do not have to study maths only in the classroom, with the board and chalk or marker in our hand. I take the opportunity to take my students out of the classroom whenever I can, especially because we have a lot of opportunity for this. This time we have done maths tasks in the school playground and you will see how:

Within the subject “The Protectors of Nature“ we talked about getting acquainted with the ground and coping with the environment, so the students were familiar with the signs for coping with the environment, used by scouts. I used just these signs in order to take my students to the place where there were hidden tasks.

One had red signs and the other brown ones. They had already agreed. Two different paths, two different places leading to the goal (the worksheet).

The task was to find the worksheet, do the exercises and return to their base (school). In this case, not only did they develop the skill of coping with space but both their speed and competitive spirit, accuracy and precision and they also remembered the signs for coping with nature.

Whoever arrived first with the tasks done correctly received the award.
Pored matematike, učili smo i snalaženje u prostoru i upoznali se i upamtili znake za lakše snalaženje u prirodi.

Beside mathematics, we also studied coping with space and learnt and remembered the signs for easier coping with the environment. In contrast to this, I am making an effort to direct their use of tablets and mobile phones to the utmost use in teaching and to show them that they are not only for playing games.

QR kodovi and matematika.

Veoma mi je interesantna upotreba QR kodova u nastavi.
Ovog puta odlučila sam da uradim kodove za nastavnu jedinicu-Oduzimanje dvocifrenih brojeva. Zadaci su bili raspoređeni na više nivoa težine.

The students were given the first task glued to their desk. Other tasks were arranged around the classroom. Each of them made progress according to their abilities and they had the time to come back and check what they had done.

They were given the feedback in a way that, after the checked tasks, they scanned the code. In case that the tasks were correctly done, by scanning the code - “Bravo!“ “You deserve A!“ would appear. In case that all tasks were not done correctly, “Practice more!“ would appear.

The students really liked this way of teaching and, apart from the consolidation of subtraction, we learnt that mobile phones and tablets can be very much used for learning.

The application which we used is “i-nigma QR. Data Matrix and EAN Barcode Scanner“ and its advantage is that it can be used without the Internet.

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