MEEMP project-training "Energy Efficiency in Schools"

The City of Kruševac in cooperation with the Government of Switzerland, within the component "Strengthening human and institutional capacities at the local level", within the third component of the MEEMP project, implemented a three-day training "Energy Efficiency in Schools" for 25 teachers and teachers of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Krusevo . The participants were selected in cooperation with the local eco-coordinator network, which consists of representatives of all schools from the territory of Kruševac. The organization of training belongs to the Working Group for the implementation and implementation of the Local Environmental Program for ecological education of the city of Krusevac and the Office for Environmental Protection, with the support of the School Administration Krusevac.

Training was held by Mrs. Christine Froehlich, international expert in capacity building and Mrs. Sladjana Jevremovic, the national manager of this component and an expert in energy.

The training included theoretical lectures, interactive exercises and group work on the preparation of teaching materials for six of the curriculum sessions on energy efficiency for pupils. Within the second part of the training, teachers held pre-prepared curricula in three schools: elementary school "Jovan Popovic", elementary school "Dositej Obradovic" and chemistry-technology school with a total of 145 pupils. During the third part of the training, teachers exchanged experiences with their colleagues with teachers on the lessons learned and elaborated detailed curricula.

All participants showed an enviable knowledge on the topic of energy efficiency and contributed to the success of their training with their active participation, with the proposals of the curriculum for applying in school activities on the topic of energy efficiency. Through theoretical lectures, interactive exercises and group work, six pieces of teaching materials on the topic of energy efficiency were tested, which were tested in these schools during one school hour.

As a result of the workshops, a "guide for teachers / teachers / professors" will be developed on energy efficiency that they will use in working with students and for raising awareness campaigns for their parents in schools.

After the completion of the training, the "Certificate of attendance" was awarded to all participants in accordance with the Rulebook on Continuing Professional Development and the Advancement of Teachers, Educators and Professional Associates ("Official Gazette of RS" Nos. 81/2017 and 48/2018) certificates, and the members of the team for the implementation of the MEEMP project from Krusevac, Oliveri Drenovac, assistants to the Mayor for Environment, Bratislav Djordjevic, the energy manager of the city of Krusevac and Dragana Milicevic, coordinator of the eco-coordinator network Krusevac "Thanksgiving for support in organizing and conducting training".

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