To all those who start or continue school, to those who think they have finished school and to those who feel that they need nothing in life. So, simply - everyone.

Give the man a fish, you'll feed him in a day.
Teach a man to fish, you'll feed him for life.
Chinese proverb

Learn to look at yourself with the eyes of a fish and you will understand that life.
The proverb that the fish would say if they went to school

One famous writer, more than 400 years ago, Miguel de Servantes, said something that still doesn't change: "To get a certain level of education, it will cost you time, attention, starvation, dizziness, weakness and many other inconveniences." Education is difficult, and as Mark Twain said, never let a school get in the way. You have to do most of it yourself, because the school does not look at you as an individual, but as a statistical share of the number of literate citizens and percentages at the employment bureau. In doing so, you are overwhelmed by many unnecessary data, forgetting that we are living in a time of data, but not in a time of being able to connect that data. They teach you the rules, but not how to tell the good from the bad. They send you messages of peace and love and leave a world of war and hatred. Instead of being humorous, education is always deadly serious. So I'll tell you a joke:

She finished two carp school and started the river. Along the way, they come across an old carp who greets them and asks, “Hi, guys, what is the water?” The carp stare at each other and whisper to the other, “Brother, what is water? Do you remember that from school? ”So, my carp, swim and learn what water is, and I can only give you some tips from the life of an old carp on that trip:

  • Think while you swim. Think about the movements of your fins, your body posture, the pressure of the water, the reflection of the sun on the surface, the dangerous pikes and parasites that slip into your scalp.
  • Swim freely, not just downstream. Do not be afraid of rapids or turbid water. Try it, tomorrow will be late when you realize you are swimming in the pond, sluggish and fat, restricted and oily.
  • Follow other carp, but learn from all kinds of fish. Beware of swimming in the flock. It's easy, but when everyone thinks the same, no one thinks.
  • Be ambitious, but don't just look up. For a carp, ambition can also look like a sun that blinds you so much that you don't see the hook you are hitting.
  • Explore. Not every river is the same. The stones have shapes and purposes, beauty and meaning. The chevres are interesting, the waterfalls even more so.
  • You dream, but as fish do - eyes open.
  • Don't just grumble about how dirty the river is. Do something for her. Do something every day.
  • Don't worry if they tell you, "That's not good. Ever since the world has never seen it… ”You will know that something is good if you feel it in yourself. No crumbs can pay you that pleasure.
  • Take care of others, even the shells you see on the way. Have compassion, do not be jealous. You are beautiful and smart, and the beauty of a carp or carp is different to catfish, fisherman, sun and grass. Sifting your bodies is not the most important thing to everyone.
  • The river is constantly flowing, so you will often find yourself standing in place. Learn the important thing from this: live in the present, don't worry about the future all the time, and don't always think about the past. The river flows faster and you swim slower.
  • It's hard not to be scared. You fear less. Laugh at blinkers and baits, but don't underestimate them.
  • Looking to the future is like looking through water. Rocky, distorted. Learn optics, learn how to distort your view to get the truth.
  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes - small, big, fantastic. Learn not to make mistakes on others.
  • Drink from the river of knowledge, don't just grunt. Don't be superficial, don't get stuck in the mud of the bottom.
  • In the end, the Big Carp of All Carp will not ask you for degrees. They will ask you for scars.

    I wish you good water, sunshine and rain, a fulfilling life. Of this carp that still dreams of flying to the ocean, just one more - a strong imagination creates the event itself.

Caricature of Luka Savic, a student of the Elementary School "Jovan Popovic" Indjija, for which he won the first prize at the Republican "Mali Pier 2014". This year, Luka is in grade 8, and his work began when he was in the second grade.

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