Another school year is nearing its start. I know that not all people are as fascinated with school as I am and that it is difficult for some to go back to school, but let's try to see the bright side. To me, this is a priority, and setting goals for the new school year, and how it helps.

Here are some interesting points


Get yourself some pens, you deserve them! I usually buy some nice pencils since I like to write to them. I often visit bookstores and similar stores where you can find material for creative work with children and get little things. I know that all this, in general, requires money, our personal money that we spend for business purposes, but if we wait for someone to give us something, there is nothing to it. I do not want my classes to be based on the chalk board, because our schools are poor. Mostly I invest in felt-tip pens, crayons, new markers and colored pencils, sequins, sponge collage, stickers, beads… If we organize our materials nicely and express the expectation that students will take good care of them, that will, indeed, happen. Students put in more effort and, in fact, respect when they have good things to do. We develop their creativity, and they learn through play.


Maybe you want your students to be different - try something new. Instead of traditional tests or quizzes, introduce computer games, organize competitions, or introduce, for example, free volunteer reading, free project creation ... Give students the choice. Don't serve them finished content! Maybe release your homework once a week this year, maybe give them homework online, or have some new ideas on how to spice up homework. Your goal may be about something else, such as greater collaboration among students, no greater collaboration with parents, etc., but whatever the topic, your goal should be realistic and specific. How will you achieve this? How will you measure your progress? Write down your goal. Check and correct your strategy as needed throughout the year. Take time to think about that type of journey. Nothing is perfect the first time, but how will we grow if we never try something new.


If we make the classroom a positive and safe space for students, we have one of the best ways to be happy teachers. When the classroom is of such a character, behavioral problems disappear and we can enjoy each other's relationships with the students. This can be a little tricky, as each class has a unique dynamic of working for different students with their own needs, expectations and personalities. Tried and true ways to create good vibes: • Observe your colleagues - collaborate with colleagues from and outside the school, share experiences and views. This is one of the best ways to learn new ideas and strengthen what you are already doing (or what you want to change) in your classroom. • "Enter the various classrooms." • Collaborate more with students. Collaboration in the field of extracurricular activities is very important. If, for some reason, you do not have the time or opportunity to do something like that, consider attending student events, concerts, shows, sports competitions…


The more my classroom is a more fun and active learning environment, it is a surefire way for me to be a happy and contented teacher. Bring on the games! Children are visual beings and learn best through play without being aware of it, because they find themselves in an environment that is comfortable for them. In addition, pedagogically, games can be an amazing way to ensure that information is understood in a way that truly engages all students. I use different types of games - from computer, through social to games that I create for the purposes of the teaching process. The simplest way is to simply get your students out and play with chalk on concrete. In this way, they can also express their creativity, and they can show their language skills in a way that does not require boring paper and pencil. There are always many different ways you can play guessing games, music games, math games… Easy - play!

5. COLLABORATE WITH OTHER TEACHERS You have great ideas to share. They have great ideas to share. Why not work together to learn and grow?

Option 1: Connect with teachers locally, share experiences, socialize… Ovi Option 2: Connect with other teachers online. The network provides many opportunities, and rest assured that you will find many wonderful people who are willing to work with you.

6. MONITOR THE WORK AND PROGRESS OF THE STUDENTS As teachers we need to monitor and adapt! When we respond to the needs, interests and abilities of our students, students have more opportunities to progress, and more interesting to them. It’s the perfect combination for a happy teacher, if any. Personally, I indulge a lot so I always want to know everything about my students so that I can reach them as much as possible.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF PLEASE! I've said enough (for now)! Beware, teachers! We are in one of the most important professions, and we deserve to be HAPPY! Thank you for all you do and wish you a great school year!

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