11 schools received their copies of the book at a lecture in Ćuprija.

On Friday, March 11th, 11 secondary schools from Ćuprija, Jagodina, Svilajnac, Despotovac and Rekovac received their copies of the book "How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 Tips for a successful career". The lecture by one of the authors of the book, Dragan Varagic for school teachers on the topic of employment and book assignment, was organized within the Nou Fest Education Fair, which was organized in Ćuprija and gathered all the middle from the surrounding towns.

A total of 66 books were given to the following high schools:

Medical, Technical School "Miodrag Novaković" and Gymnasium in Ćuprija

Agricultural and Veterinary School in Rekovac

Secondary School and Agricultural Veterinary School in Svilajnac,

Technical school in Despotovac,

High school "Svetozar Marković", ETŠ "Slavka Đurđević", EES "Nikola Tesla" and First Technical School in Jagodina.

There is now a textbook for pupils of these schools who can help them prepare for current affairs and future affairs, to find answers to questions that personal and professional skills are relevant today and how to develop them, how to be sought and well paid on the market work at the time when there is no jobs. We therefore invite all students, as well as teachers to read this book at their disposal, and thus make another step towards a more prosperous and prosperous future.

On the same day, books were also donated to Paraćin high schools, which you can read more about here.

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