Another "New Hopes of Chess" Successfully Made!

Good matchmaking and childhood sentiment on Saturday filled the ceremonial salon of the Military Gymnasium in Belgrade. For the third time, chess tournaments "New hopes of chess" were held on 25 April, and this year the biggest number of chess players took part in the tournaments. In addition to the traditional tournaments of children up to 10 years and up to 14 years, the chess amateur tournament and team tournament of the Serbian Army, this year there was also a preschool tournament and a team tournament of IT companies.

With pleasure we have to say that the first three places in the tournament are for children up to 10 years, including Stefan Tadić, Bogdan Vuković and Aleksa Petrović, and on the tournament children up to 14 years old Velimir Ivić, Mihajlo Radovanović and Vukašin Grčić. The best amateur chess tournament was Bojan Milanovic, Rade Goljovic and Aleksandar Radojicic, while 10 teams participated in the most numerous team tournament of the Serbian Army this year. Last year was defended by the Army Retirement Team, while the second and third place was occupied by the Garnizon Novi Sad and the Military Gymnasium.

In the tournament IT company, which was organized for the first time this year, 7 teams from PSTech, youngculture, Microsoft Development Center Serbia and Devana Technologies participated. The best was one of the PSTechs, while the second and third place was taken by the Microsoft team. The preschool tournament, which was also organized this year for the first time, was of a revival character.

We want to thank all the participants and once again congratulate the winners. We are extremely fortunate as the project grows and what the "New Hopes of Chess" tournaments are recognized as one of the most brilliant. See you next year!

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