The best educators once again justified this flattering title!

At the competition "In Plastic" The best educators took the first place

On the occasion of marking the World Environmental Day, this year a competition under the slogan: Win pollution with plastic! If you can not use it again, do not use it!

The United Nations Environment Agency - Program Office in Vienna, with the support of the regional NGO Forestry and Environmental Action and the Professional Association Ambassadors of Sustainable Development and Environment, organized the thematic competition "Tack with plastics!" Primary school students in the Republic of Serbia.

The aim of the competition was to raise children's awareness of the negative impact of plastic waste on human health and the environment, the possibilities for reuse and recycling of plastics, and the proper disposal of plastic waste.

In a competition that lasted for a month (from April 13 to May 14), 12 primary schools from Serbia applied for a total of 25 works. The expert commission took into account the description of the idea, the amount of used plastic packaging and other plastic items used for the construction of the vessel, as well as the appearance of the final work.

The rules were very simple. Teams, which means teacher-led departments organized a campaign to collect plastic waste material and used PET packaging, from which it was supposed to build a craft (boat, boat, etc.).

The best educators of Serbia responded to this challenge, and once again justified the flattering title they are carrying. From the first three places, the two came from the Best educators of Serbia, who showed their students that work and creativity are worth paying off.

The first place came to Tatjana Romanov pupils from the Primary School "Sveti Georgije" from Uzdin, for the work "Žutoplovac", and they found out for the contest through the Association Živojin Mišić. Tatjana was awarded as one of The best educators of Serbia in 2017.

Tatjana called her school the great nature conservationists and they gladly responded to this competition and created their work called "Žutoplovac". Her intention was to include as many children as possible in the project in order to develop ecological awareness and a sense of recycling. The message that Žutoplovec wants to convey is that one should not look for a patch in the laws of nature, but develop and preserve nature for the future generation, because they will symbolically pour into a cleaner and better nature.

Second place went to students of elementary school "Rade Dodic" from Milutovac, and third place to pupils of teacher Marijana Kolarić, also awarded in the project Best Educators of Serbia in 2016, for the work "Friendship Boat". Teacher Marijana is a head class teacher in the elementary school Petefi Brigade in Kula.

Elementary School Petefi Brigade from Kula applied with the work entitled "Friendship Boat” (Majin Bubamarica III-3). In order to present her work in the best way, Marijana's showed her preparations for this project in the following way. Swimming pool training, where students together with their teacher connected thematic days all about water, swimming, fishing and extending friendship, and thus consolidate the creation of the ship with all the activities.

With the project "In battle with plastic", she also connected materials from nature and society and materials in nature and recycling. We learned from the Serbian language the poem of Branko Radičević "Cic" or the so-called Ribarčeta, so the children thought about the Friendship Boat.

As the conceptual solutions come to the lessons of art culture, we wrote the messages of friendship we left in the bottles in the wall of the ship, collected objects from plastic, explains the teacher.

They say that the ship first got the name “Ship of Friendship”, which was later added to the “Maja bubamarica III-3”, because, as the parents of young students say, the teacher is Maja, and the pupils are her “bubamarice”.

Awards and exhibition of winning works was held today, June 5th, at the exhibition in the Fourteenth Regional Conference "Environment to Europe EnE18" in Belgrade.

Dragana Milicević, awarded educator in 2016, attended the award ceremony in front of the Association of Survival Schools, which deals with education of young people and teachers, as well as employees in local self-governments. In this way, once again she supported what she is doing in her career, which is to preserve the environment.

The exhibition was realized with the help of the Ambassador of Sustainable Development and Environment and the Serbian Chambers of Commerce.

The Uzdin team, which won the first position, was awarded a one-day excursion to Carska Bar with an accompanying interactive workshop, while the second and third place were awarded with an educational recycling game.

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