Winners of the Best Educators of Serbia for 2015 have been selected!

It is a great honor and pleasure to present this year to the Serbian educational workers who, with their innovativeness, willingness to learn and to develop the talents and skills of their students, deserve the recognition of "The Best Educators of Serbia".

Out of a total of 330 submissions received, the title of the best will be 16 educators, among which 6 teachers, 4 teachers of elementary and 6 high school teachers are awarded. Educators come from different parts of Serbia, so this year we rewarded educators from Aleksinac, Bečej, Vršac, Žagubica, Kovina, Kikinda, Loznica, Niš, Novi Sad, Paracin, Prokuplje, Petrovac to Mlavi, Ćuprija, Sombora and Sremski Karlovac.

The selection of the best is in addition to the Association participated last year's educators, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Oliver Todorović, in front of the Center for Development of Employees in Education (ZUOV), Director of Mathematical Gymnasium Srđan Ognjanović and PISA Research Coordinator in Serbia Dragica Pavlović-Babić. This year, three rounds of selection were carried out, and at the selection they evaluated how many candidates at the classroom, within their regular classes and their subjects, are creative, interesting and different. Important criteria were how well educators are good examples for pupils, how much they are committed to developing pupils, their talents, their knowledge and abilities, and how much they stimulate thought and research, work and effort in teaching or extracurricular activities.

All the best educators will receive 100,000 dinars for the promotion of their work, in addition to the personal part of the prize, and the money can be spent on realizing various projects with the students or equipment that the rewards consider useful for the development of learning methods and positive influence on the child. In this way, we want to enable them to bring existing ideas into action, but also to stimulate new ideas and projects.

On this occasion, Association Živojin Mišić, as a project implementer, wishes to thank all pupils, parents and colleagues who have applied for this opportunity, and this year we have really exceptional educators who can freely call entrepreneurs in their work. Also, we owe great thanks to the members of the commission and last year's award-winning educators for the trust, time and effort they have made in selecting the best and this project. For newly educated educators, we want them to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to continue to be the drivers of positive change in their work and their environment.

Who are the award-winning educators check here.

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