The best educators of Serbia for 2017 ere selected! Congratulations!

We believe that knowledge is power, as Frances Beacon said. We believe that teachers are the ones who can change the world. Therefore, we wish you, with great pleasure, to present the best teachers that Serbia has! For the fourth year in a row we are realizing the project "The Best Educators of Serbia!" And we are proud of teachers and teachers of elementary and secondary schools that we find year after year.

The title of the best for this year will be held by 11 educators. Among them there are 4 teachers, 5 teachers of upper grades of elementary schools, and 2 teachers of secondary schools.

They come from 11 towns and cities in Serbia, and we are pleased that every year we succeed in mapping new cities in our country, and the network of the best spreads. This year they are from Vršac, Paraćin, Vranje, Kovačica, Loznica, Požega, Mali Zvornik, Grocka, Merošina, Leskovac and Ada.

What is the best teacher for us, and what is the criteria we value?

For us, the best teacher is the one who, in addition to working on himself, responds to the changes that society imposes, teaches children how to be ready for the 21st Century, to be ready for life and the system that awaits them after finishing school. For us, this is a teacher who is creative in regular classes, a teacher who additionally advocates the development of pupils, organizes a variety of extra-curricular activities, one that is an example to his pupils.

What is the prize?

All awarded educators will receive, besides their own part, a prize of 100,000 dinars for improvement of their work, and they can spend money on the realization of various projects with children that will help them develop and improve them. Our aim is to encourage them in this way, to give them a confirmation that they are on the right track, that existing ideas are implemented and that some new projects are realized.

On this occasion, the Association for Encouraging Entrepreneurship "Živojin Mišić", as the project's implementer, wishes to thank all students, parents and colleagues who applied for the candidates, and thus enabled us to find these great people.

Also, we owe a great gratitude to the members of the commission and last year's award-winning educators on the confidence, time and effort that they invested in the selection of the best and in the project itself. Thank you for this, without you this would not be possible!

The best educators of Serbia for 2017 we thank you for everything you do, and we hope that this recognition will be an incentive for you to continue to lead to positive changes in your surroundings.

Who are the award-winning educators check here.

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