Modern education today

What are the easiest ways to get a job? What is the best choice for a school or college? How to know which job will be paid well?

All these questions are those that were launched in the book “How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 Tips for a successful career”, by Dragan Varagic and Valentin Kuleto. This book analyzes, in an unusual way, the situation on the labor market in our country and beyond, provides explanations and advice, suggestions and instructions on how to get ready for work and employment in the 21st century. As we recognized this as a useful reading for high school students, we decided, in cooperation with authors, to share the same book with all high schools in Serbia.

In addition, one of the authors of the book, Dragan Varagić, holds a series of lectures on the topic of employment through Serbia, for students of the final grades of secondary schools, and on that occasion schools from these places and the environment receive their copies of the books.

How Belgrade came to order, we decided to take a step more! On this occasion, we want to invite all teachers of high schools in Belgrade, as well as directors and pedagogues, to Dragan Varagic's lecture at the ComTrade School (at Savski Nasip No. 7, Belgrade) on Tuesday, October 03rd, starting at 2 pm.

After the lecture, we will organize a panel discussion on the topic "Modern education today" and panelists will be:

Srđan Ognjanović, director of the Mathematical Gymnasium.

Sonja Jovanovic, HR company Ernst & Young.

Nikoleta Rakocevic, owner of Queen Victoria Education and Translations, an English professor and simultaneous translator.

Srđan Radojčić, founder of One Assessment.

Nemanja Granić, a scholarship student at the Faculty of Computer Science.

Moderator of the panel will be Zoran Stanojevic, RTS journalist.

Our goal is to answer questions about what skills and knowledge are needed to do the work in the 21st century, and do our students who leave school have that knowledge? Also, since the lecture is intended for teachers, how can they influence to educate children more readily for the labor market? How all of us should overcome this problem as a system?

How the education responds to this problem, what they face in big companies when young people came, where to offer them additional solutions, and how to succeed in a country like ours.

We would love you to join us in class and panel discussion.

After that, by the end of the school year, our plan is to hold a lectures in all schools where we would be able to introduce the students to this topic.

How it was in lectures till now, you can look at the project's website.

See you!

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