Best educators of Serbia - Who is illiterate?

"Who is illiterate?" is an exhibition that in a creative and original way refers to some of the characteristic spelling mistakes that appear in public places and inscriptions. Photographs were collected through a photo contest that was announced for elementary school pupils, and the initiator of this idea is the professor of Serbian language of the primary school "3. Oktobar "and one of the 16 best educators declared last year, Saša Čorboloković.

In addition to the fact that the whole action turns the ear to the most commonly spelling mistakes, through finding the mistakes the pupils apply their knowledge, learn and renew the material and have a positive impact on their peers. In this way, the professor Čorboloković engaged the students and once again taught in the unusual and unique way with the students and out of the classroom.

The contest has received 95 photographs, of which 40 were selected for the exhibition. The exhibition was opened in the library, and the award-winning prizes were also offered to photographers with the most obvious mistakes. Congratulations on the successful realization of this wonderful idea and we have been looking forward to the new one.

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