The best educators of Serbia held workshops at the festival "School Starts" in Belgrade

The best educators of Serbia were participants of the "School Starts" festival that took place in the Immo Center and TC Usce the previous two weekends, organized by the “Najbolja mama na svetu” website.

The "School Starts" festival was held for the fourth year in a row, and the aim is to show the youngest that the school is not a hob, it can be quite interesting, and we can all learn a lot through the game.

The Best Educators of Serbia, gladly responded to the call, and arrived from their towns to learn a lot with children through various creative workshops.

Workshops at the Immo Center from 25th to 27th of August were attended by five educators.

Aleksandar Stevanović, a philosophy professor at Tehnoart Belgrade School of Mechanical Engineering and Art Crafts, held a workshop entitled "A magic box in which something can arise from anything." Aleksandar took the children to a magical journey, through which they went looking for a magic box, and out of the adventure they got full impressions because they created their own imagination with what they wanted. In this way, he has shown that philosophy does not have to be a terrible subject for adults, but it can also be adapted to the youngest ones.

Tanja Vrečko, teacher of Elementary School "Mladost" in New Belgrade, held an interactive mathematical workshop "Numbers 1 to 10". Children had the opportunity to get acquainted with mathematics and physical and artistic activities. The final part of the workshop was called "Revive numbers" where children showed numbers in a much more interesting way with the help of various materials.

Snežana Radivojša, a teacher at elementary school "Đuro Strugar" in Belgrade, had a workshop "Games in nature". Children with Snowball performed games in pairs, circles or individual games, which were conducted, interactive, and witty, and required concentration, skill, consistency, perseverance and imagination.

Marinko Petković, a physics and chemistry teacher at the primary and secondary school in Novi Sad, "Milan Petrović", held a workshop in the physics of atoms for the youngest ones, thus demonstrating to children what are atoms and what role they play in our lives.

Tatjana Kovačev, a teacher from Karavukov, "Bora Stankovic" elementary school, held a workshop for the thinkers. Solved brainstorms, quizzes and mathematical problems. They read the excerpts from Tatjana's novel "The Maze Game" and solved the problems that were given in that passage.

As early as next week, another educator fought the festival at TC "Usce".

The first day of the workshop "Mathematics and bees" and "Numbers, numbers" was held by Slađana Trajković, teacher of mathematics at the Technical School "15th of May" from Prokuplje. The students learned about the mathematics of bee honey. At first glance, bees and maths have nothing in common, but taking into account all the techniques and methods of making honeycomb, bee fly, calculating corners, economics and saving materials, bees must in fact be excellent mathematicians. At the second workshop, the kids learned what Neper's bones are doing, why they are usually given an odd number of flowers, what the Mayan numeral system looks like and much more.

Nada Stojičević, nastavnica elektro grupe predmeta iz Pančeva, iz Elektrotehničke škole „Nikola Tesla“  održala je radionicu pod nazivom „Kompjuteri bez struje“. Učenici su imali prilike da i sami učestvuju u pretvaranju podataka u binarni brojni sistem i sami su otkrivali neke algoritme koji se koriste prilikom kompresije.

Aleksandra Sekulić, a teacher of the Serbian language at the School of Economics and Commerce in Kula, held a workshop "Read the Song of Songs". The technique of reading and understanding the lyric poem has been presented, and in an unusual way, one hour of the Serbian language has been processed.

Tatjana Marković Topalović, physics teacher from Šabac, with the help of the best young physicist in Serbia, held a workshop "You will be with me, I will stay with you". The children learned to bind a simple scooter, played "safe hands" with copper templates and keys, and at the end of the Tatiana workshop gave them spectrometers in hand that when you tap on the cell phone, you can calibrate their spectrum.

The festival was closed by Snežana Radivojša, with the workshop "Geometric shapes", regarding workshops of the Best Educators of Serbia. Through the game, children adopted, classified and systematized knowledge of geometric images. Interactively, through the game, students perfected their hand movements and practiced perceptual motor coordination.

Thank you once again to the “Najbolja mama na svetu” on a call, thanks to our Best Educators for the great content at this festival. Thanks for always taking a step ahead of everyone, and giving more for our kids!

Lectures of our educators on the topic of the workshops they have held can be viewed on the following link.

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