90 books distributed in Niš high schools

Today 13 high schools have become richer for 90 copies of the book "How to get a job in the 21st Century + 444 tips for a successful career" which we donate to secondary schools as part of our association's project. Dragan Varagić, one of the authors of the book, gave a lecture for students of these schools, where we talked about what kind of thinking is needed in order to overcome all the obstacles and to ensure our successful employment in the future.

Students of this, but also of all subsequent generations, will have one book per classroom, which they will be able to borrow from their libraries during the school year. The schools that received books today are:

Grammar School “Stevan Sremac"

Grammar School "9th of May"

Law and Business School Niš

Economic School Niš

Trade school Niš

Medical School "Dr Milenko Hadzić"

ETŠ "Mija Stanimirović"

School of Mechanical Engineering

Technical School "12th of February"

GTŠ "Neimar"

Food and chemical school

School of fashion and beauty

Art school

The lecture was held at the amphitheater of the Law Faculty in Niš, which we thank for this occasion on the allocated space.

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