Education is a necessary means for a bright future of all of us

"Deca se ne sećaju onoga što pokušavate da ih naučite. Sećaju se onih koji su ih učili.”  -Jim Henson

Education is a necessary means for the bright future of all of us. We can achieve plenty of good things in our life, using it as a tool. It makes us more civilized and helps us gain a better position in society and a higher position at work, before all – understand the world around us.

Beside parents, teachers are those who play an important role in our growing up. A good teacher helps us become a good human being in society and a good citizen of this country. Teachers know that children are the future of every nation.

Therefore, we believe that the future growth of any country is in the hands of a teacher. What we become in our life depends on them. The knowledge gained in the early age makes it possible for each individual to be more certain about the decisions they make and on which their life depends. It opens the door to various possibilities for grasping better opportunites in life and promotes the development of our career. 

Through strong ties teachers are able to influence practically every aspect of the life of their students, teaching them important life lessons which will help them overcome obstacles both in their business and private life.

Extraordinary teachers make learning amusing, encourage children by interesting lessons, teach them through play, encourage their critical thinking and this is key to the success of students.

This year as well, as we have been doing it in the past five years, we are looking for extraordinary teachers who always take a step further and always do something different, who do innovative things in teaching, teach children how to be better citizens of the 21st century.

We wish that teachers were given the right to extend the boundaries by innovative suggestions. The criteria according to which we select the best teachers in Serbia imply that they must be creative and innovative, motivated and positive, past masters at their job and organized in a way that they have a coherent system of work. 

They should be communicative and eloquent, be ready for lifelong learning, develop professionally in every field. Educators play one of the most important roles in growing up of children and encounter everyday students’ mistakes. This is why they must be ready to pay equal attention to students in every situation in order to encourage and stimulate them into overcoming dilemmas and problems. It is most important that they be objective, principled and fair as well. 

If you know such a teacher, help us find him. Enter them in the competition for the Best Educators of Serbia at the following link and maybe they will be among the best tens in Serbia this year.

We believe that positive changes in teaching should be heard and that knowledge multiplies only by sharing. 

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