Competition for Best Educators of Serbia for 2018 year is now opened

Let's find together the best teachers that our country has!

What makes one teacher remarkable? What does it mean today to be the best teacher and what is adequate knowledge? What are the teachers whom the students remember and who might have inspired them to deal with their current profession in life? How much is a teacher important for the proper growth of new generations and a healthy society? Do we respect and support them sufficiently?

The "Živojin Mišić" Association launched ithe project "The Best Educators in Serbia" in 2014, with the wish to emphasize prominent examples of our education. Teachers of primary and secondary schools who have been awarded for four years of realization of this project are distinguished by innovation, commitment, activism, readiness to learn, to improve themselves and adapt to modern educational needs, to apply new methods and resources in teaching, to teach pupils how to apply knowledge and thus prepare them for modern labor market demands. They are the drivers of positive changes in their environment, pioneers of progress and achieving top-quality results and as such we can freely call them entrepreneurs in their business.

In four years of the realization of this project, a total of 59 best teachers from Serbia, from urban and rural schools were awarded.

Therefore, it is our great pleasure to announce the fifth competition for the Best Educators in Serbia!

In order to improve the competition, this year's application will consist of two parts. The first part of the application will be done exclusively through the Association's website, (, and students, their parents, colleagues, teachers, school directors or someone who has an insight into the work of teachers can to send an application for them. On the basis of this application, the first round of selection of candidates will be performed.

Candidates who pass the first round of the selection will be contacted by the e-mail so that the organizers can send them the second part of the application, which would show the professional development of the candidates and provide additional information.

Based on both applications and interviews with candidates, the commission will select up to 10 teachers from primary and secondary schools in Serbia.

Applications will be open until 1st of July, and the winners will be announced by the end of the year. Each award-winning educator will receive a personal prize of 40,000 rsd, as well as 100,000rsd that he/she can invest in projects with children and teaching improvement.

How the project looked from its launch so far, what we changed and why you can look here.

If you also know a teacher who you think is the best, this project is the right place to say it! Prominent, innovative, motivated, unique and different teachers are the teachers we are looking for. Applications are open on the following link.

Do not miss to report these phenomenal people, and help us find the best teachers that Serbia have!

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