The first expert meeting of the best educators of Serbia

"There are no unconquerable fortresses, only bad conquerors"

The first expert meeting of Serbia's Best Educators was held in the Center for Professional Training in Sabac on November 18th. The event was attended by award-winning educators from 2014 and 2015, as well as representatives of the Association Zivojin Misic, who launched this project.

This is the first self-initiative gathering of the best educators, after the ceremonial awards of their awards. Tatjana Markovic Topalovic, one of the award-winning educators in 2014, and now v.d. director of the Center for Professional Training in Sabac, was the organizer of this working meeting, with the aim of exchanging the best experiences regarding the professional development of teachers.

The topics they talked about were:        

  • presentation of the Center for Vocational Training and its activities
  • presentation of a unique Science Park, located in the yard of the Center and exhibition of associative watches, by Tatjana Marković Topalović with associates
  • discussion on general teaching issues and professional development of teachers
  • presenting the works of the best educators

Svetlana Radlovacki, teacher of programming in the school center "Nikola Tesla" Vrsac, at the same time the winner of the Svetosavska nagrada, and Slađana Trajković, teacher of mathematics at the Technical School "15, presented their works. May "from Prokuplje.

The first part of the seminar was marked by a presentation of the Director of the Center, Tatjana Marković Topalović and the analysis and discussion regarding the professional development of educational workers in the formal education system, and the participants especially addressed the on-line seminars and seminars on the subject of inclusion.

Part of the expert meeting was certainly a visit to the first and unique Science Park located within the Center for Professional Training. Tatiana tried to get to know us in the best possible way and showed her all the benefits and how children can learn here.

What is a further plan, it is to place such a meeting in the annual meeting or conference, which will deal with general teaching issues, modern teaching and teaching techniques, and attendance will be provided to other educational workers who have the desire to exchange views, experiences and ideas.

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