Schools from Novi Sad received books for their libraries!

On April 12th, Novi Sad was the center of education for the students of its city, but also students from Sremski Karlovci, Temerin, Indjija, Vrbas, Bečej and Titel.

The high school "Svetozar Marković", "Isidora Sekulić", "Laza Kostić", as well as the Technical School "Pavle Savić", the Economic School, the Design School "Bogdan Šuput" received 54 books for their libraries.

Karlovac Gymnasium and Secondary School for Tourism and Catering from Sremski Karlovci, Secondary School "Lukijan Mušicki", Secondary Technical School "Mileva Marić" from Titel, Gymnasium in Indjija and Secondary School "Djordje Natošević" received 24 books for libraries.

The high school "Zarko Zrenjanin" and the Secondary Vocational School on July 4 from Vrbas and the Technical School from Bečej received 19 copies of the books that are in their school library.

As it was in the lecture, you can look here.

We are grateful to the Gymnasium Svetozar Marković from Novi Sad for helping in the organization and the allocated space for lecturing and sharing of books.

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