Serbian national team for the Global Teacher Prize

At the ceremony of awarding the Best Teachers Prize in Serbia, which will be presented in the Global Contest of the Global Teacher Prize in the following years, awards have been presented for outstanding achievements in work and career with students of phenomenal teachers at the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade organized by non- Non-governmental Association for Promotion of Entrepreneurship "Živojin Mišić".

Association Živojin Mišić, a national partner of the Varkey Foundation, has chosen representatives of Serbia for the prestigious Global Teacher Prize, which aims to find the best teacher in the world! The candidates for this competition were Tatjana Marković Topalović, Physics professor from Šapca, Katarina Veljković, Kragujevac and Dragan Kuveljić, a teacher from Prijepolje.

On Friday, 28 September, in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade, a ceremony was held for the award of best prizes, and in addition to the awarded Best Educators of Serbia, numerous ceremonies and friends of Serbian education attended the ceremony.

Ivona Jovanović, Coordinator of the Association "Živojin Mišić", was present at the opening ceremony, highlighting the pride of the Association, because the recognition goes to those who, with their specialty in work, contribute to the educational system in Serbia, which is the pride of our country and who deserved to be among the the best teachers who will represent us in the world. "These people who are with us today are educating generations of children who will use all the knowledge they can use to create a better future for themselves, their children, and our country. Because, as Nelson Mandela spoke, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world". What we always love to say and what we are proud of is: You help to create a better Serbia and thank you very much for it! "

Srđan Verbić, one of the members of the Commission in the selection of Best Teachers, also spoke to the audience that the choice was not easy, but that decision was right. "I'm sure, especially after a few weeks of deciding who will be our representatives when I hear our teachers say that, that was really a great choice, that we should be proud of! You need to be a part of this world that is generating new generations that inspire new generations and which should take global competence forward. I want you to be inspired by what you will experience in the coming months, including in this competition and returning more of this inspiration to your students, colleagues and all of us."

Premiere films were premiered on the ceremony, which were shot on the work of three candidates, and they can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the Association Živojin Mišić.

After the award ceremony, Tatjana Marković Topalović, awarded the Best Educator in 2014, was one of our Global Teacher Prize candidates. In her speech, she looked at education today, and then remarked: "For me, it is a great honor and privilege to stand here and present my country to the prestigious Global Teacher Prize. Associated with, mysteriousness and responsibility to present my school, city, country, work, and sensibility to a far-reaching world in a dignified and high quality way. "For the end, it is a message to its disciples, the former, the present and the future" the sail widespread and safely sailing the troubled seas of knowledge because your rats are yours and "You are not a loser until you decide to give up."

Katarina Veljkovic, awarded the Best Educator in 2016, another candidate in the race for the Best Teacher of the World thanked everyone with whom she is today where she is. "I thank the Association that nominated me for this prestigious award and that I will be one of the three teachers who will represent Serbia. I thank my colleagues who support me in everything I do. And above all to my disciples without which I would not be what I am, for they are the ones who inspire me and motivate me to be better. "

The third candidate for this prestigious competition, Dragan Kuveljić, awarded the Best Educator in 2014, stressed how important it is to return to the focus of Serbian education, as it is the foundation of a society, and stressed how important the Association Živojin Mišić continues its mission and recognizes the best teachers. "It is up to Serbia's best educators to make schools the oasis of wisdom, beauty, knowledge and spirituality. Let these awards be the motivation and inspiration to bring together the authority of school and education together."

The best teachers were also given a surprise, where their former students appeared, who had only praise words and expressed how proud and happy they were just the students of these great people.

Biljana Makevic, former student of Tatjana Markovic Topalovic, had a very emotional speech and confirmed that Tatjana was a true example of teachers we needed in Serbia. After four years and all we've done and what he does alone every day, I have only to say the same! I say it as a former pupil, as a fellow citizen, as a future professor and as a woman, primarily you are an example of enthusiasm, expertise, fidelity,information, art, consistency, incorruptibility, and in front of all hope of being a teacher it makes sense in a time when nothing makes sense anymore. What you have often talked to us and we are very well remembered is: "Your time is coming. "And now, when I look back and forth, this is the great truth and the great power you carry your disciples in your life, in addition to the knowledge you have given them unselfishly."

Beside Biljana, Igor Bakovic, a former student of Dragana Kuveljić, spoke to the audience, pointing out that he had prepared a long speech, but after all he heard about, and after all the acquaintances met Dragan, he just wanted to thank him for teaching them to be people,teaching them to express their opinion clearly and loudly and that the inexperienced happiness of being a disciple of such a great man.

Thanks again to the best teachers, members of the Commission, associates, guests, the best educators of Serbia who were there to support their colleagues, and thanks to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on the released space. A lot of luck in a further competition, and keep moving the boundaries!

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