The best educators Serbia handed solemn recognition

On Monday, March 9, 16 educators were honored, they were published late last year as part of our project, "Serbian Best Educators".

Within the project, 16 teachers and professors of elementary and secondary schools from all over Serbia were rewarded. All the educators are in addition to personal prizes, awarded with 100,000 dinars, who can use for the next year to work with students, to fund various activities and projects that enhance the knowledge and skills of students. In the selection of the best, representatives of the Ministry of Education participated in addition to the representatives of the Association, as well as the director of the Mathematical Gymnasium Srđan Ognjanović and Dragica Pavlović Babić, PISA research coordinator in Serbia.

At the award ceremony, Minister Verbic said the importance of support to be provided to teachers, and thus to students, while President of the Association, Mr. Vladimir Prelovac, told award-winning educators to continue with their engagement and change what they want to see around them.

Through this project, the organizers want to highlight those teachers and professors who are creative and inspirational, whose lessons are different and interesting, organizing a variety of extracurricular activities and encouraging children to work, research. Organizers are grateful to the educators who make extraordinary efforts and through this project they are saying that they are worth it, and they hope that they will be positive examples to their colleagues.

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