The Association "Živojin Mišić" has announced the eighth generation of the Best Educators of Serbia!

For the eighth year in a row, teachers and subject-specialized teachers in primary and secondary schools throughout Serbia competed for the Best Educators of Serbia award. As every year, a lot of qualitative applications arrived, and we selected six exceptional teachers! 

Who are the best educators in Serbia? 

They are teachers who stand out in their everyday work and who are innovative, proactive, creative, positive, fair, and ready for lifelong learning. 

After a long selection period, which lasted for six months, by a majority vote of the commission members, we chose six winners of the competition for the Best Educators of Serbia. 

The Best Educators of Serbia for year 2021 are:  

Bojana Molnar, a biology teacher at the Elementary School "2. oktobar" from Zrenjanin,

Daniela Ćuk, teacher of English language and literature at the Elementary School "Petefi Šandor" from Bečej,

Dalibor Todorović, teacher of technical and informatics group of subjects at the Gymnasium "9.maj" from Niš,

Jovica Plavšić, a chemistry teacher at the Tenth Belgrade Gymnasium "Mihajlo Pupin" from Belgrade,

Lidija Pantić, a French language teacher at the Elementary School “Đura Jakšić” in Ćuprija,

Predrag Vukosavljević, teacher of informatics and computer science at the Elementary School "Posavski partizani" from Obrenovac.

The title of the Best Educator in Serbia is not easy to deserve. That is why we want to give credit to these extraordinary teachers, who, with their dedication and creativity, improve the education and upbringing of our children. We want to encourage them to bear their title proudly and share their knowledge with future generations, as they have done so far.

The best educators of Serbia in 2021 come from six cities and towns in Serbia, and they show how much education is valuable and that we have great teachers. 

Besides the title of the best educator of Serbia, our winners will receive a personal award and the award of 100,000.00 RSD, which they can use to enhance their work and implement projects with children.

This year's selection of the Best Educators, in addition to the Association, was helped by numerous members of the commission, especially last year's awarded educators, who are tirelessly trying to find new inspiring colleagues.

Dragica Pavlović Babić, the coordinator of the Pisa research in Serbia and an associate at the Institute for Psychology in the field of education.

Olga Nikolić - former editor-in-chief of the "Prosvetni pregled",

Representatives of ZUOV, Jasna Petrović, Sanja Todorčev, Snežana Vićentić and Bojana Kostelac. 

Without them, this competition would not be possible. Thank you for the hours you spent reading the applications, for the quality discussions, and for the expertise that helps us to be better every year.

We want to thank those who signed up great teachers and all those who work tirelessly and push the boundaries every day. The best educators in Serbia, well done! You are the driving force of our country, and keep shining. You are the champions!


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