The award presentation ceremony was held for the seventh generation of the Best Educators of Serbia!

In the ceremonial hall of the Moscow Hotel in Belgrade, ten awards were given 

to the Best Educators of Serbia for the year 2020! 

At the opening of the ceremony, Ivona Jovanović, the coordinator of the Association “Živojin Mišić”, welcomed the newly awarded teachers and teachers, emphasizing that today the community of the Best Educators of Serbia has 89 educators and that it is a serious number of people changing the system and education. 

Due to the epidemiological situation, the ceremony had a closed character. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Association "Živojin Mišić" and newly awarded educators, respecting the prescribed epidemiological measures. 

The members of the commission who participated in the selection of newly awarded educators: 

  • Previous educators of the Best Educators in Serbia
  • Dragica Pavlović Babić, coordinator of PISA research in Serbia and associate of the Institute of Psychology in the field of education
  • Olga Nikolić, chief editor of the journal Prosvetni pregled
  • Representatives of ZUOV, Center for Professional Development of Employees in Education
  • Srđan Verbić, former Minister of Education 
  • Vigor Majić, ex-Director of the Petnica Science Center

Although the members of the commission did not attend the live award ceremony, we had the opportunity to hear that they are proud of this year's election. Jasna Đurović as representative of the Institute for the Improvement of Education Serbia addressed the attendees through video. She stated that the months of elections were a very difficult task because all the participants in the competition were great and that it was a pleasure to read the received applications of teachers. She congratulated the new winners on the title and their dedication and creativity in their work. 

During the ceremony, one of the previously awarded educators for 2014, Ivana Krulj, a physics teacher at the Đura Jakšić Elementary school in Ćuprija, joined via the Zoom platform and welcomed the new winners on behalf of the awarded generation for 2014. In her speech, she pointed out that the Best Educators of Serbia are a new force that will generate the wind of changes in the educational system of our country. In addition, she compared the Best Educators of Serbia with Galilei, Magellan, Gagarin, giants who are worthy of admiration. Once again, she invited them to create together new changes in our educational system. 

After the awards ceremony, the Best Educators of Serbia for 2020 also addressed the attendees. Due to COVID-19, in addition to the Basic Form, the Pandemic Form was opened this year. The Best Educators of Serbia for 2020 within the Pandemic Form are:  

  1. Dejan Bošković, a biology teacher at the Ivo Andrić Elementary School in Belgrade
  2. Marta Kiš Buterer, art teacher at the Petefi Šandor Elementary School in Novi Sad
  3. Predrag Starčević, a teacher at Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Elementary School in Pančevo

The Best Educators of Serbia for 2020 within the Basic Form are:

  1. Biljana Uskoković Brković, biology teacher at the Milica Pavlović Elementary School in Čačak
  2. Iva Subotić Krasojević, teacher of art history at the Tehnoart Secondary Vocational School in Belgrade
  3. Marjan Milanov, English teacher at the Dobrinka Bogdanović Elementary School with dormitory in the village of Strelac and Vuk Karadžić High School with dormitory in Babušnica
  4. Milan Petrović, teacher of Serbian language and literature at the Svetozar Marković Gymnasium in Niš
  5. Nevena Perić, a teacher at the Dimitrije Davidović Elementary School in Smederevo
  6. Sandra Maksimović, teacher of Serbian language and literature at Sveti Sava Elementary School in Kruševac
  7. Tanja Olear Gojić, a teacher at the Dragan Lukić Elementary School in Belgrade 

You can read more about the winners here.

After the award ceremony, the educators attended the presentation of the new project of Association "Živojin Mišić", a platform for teacher’s professional development. 

We are proud of our educators who shared their positive energy, knowledge, opinions with us and once again proved that they rightly won the title of the Best Educators of Serbia! 

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