The Association “Živojin Mišić“ has become a national partner of the Yidan Prize!

The Best Educators of Serbia have the opportunity to fight for another prestigious award in the world

Some people say that education is a process of obtaining the information about the outside world and they are probably right. But they forget the fact that information cannot be transformed into knowledge without education. When we talk about knowledge, we do not deal only with the lessons from a textbook. We are talking about life lessons. This has inspired us to search for new projects which will bring Serbian education to the world level.

Who is Dr Charles Chen Yidan?

Dr Charles Chen Yidan is one of the most famous Chinese Internet entrepreneurs and philantropists. In 2016 he founded an award Yidan with a mission to make the world a better place through education, because he believes that only education can make a difference in the life of an individual.

The connection of the Association Živojin Mišić and the Yidan Prize

The people who follow our work know that we make an effort to create more opportunities for our teachers to show their work in the world and to exchange good teaching practices with the best ones in order that our children have better conditions for schooling and for life as well.

This is why we have come into contact with the foundation which organizes the Yidan Prize. After we had found out that we had the same goals as non-governmental organizations, and this is encouraging education and placing importance on the best teachers who educate our children, we concluded an agreement with the Yidan foundation.

In this way the Association Živojin Mišić became an organization which has the right to nominate the best teachers of our country for the competition “The Yidan Prize“ via the project “The Best Educators of Serbia“. Today “The Best Educators of Serbia“ is a project which is a pre-qualification both for the Yidan Prize and the Global Teacher Prize, the two great world awards!

Who has the right to participation?

The right to participation in the competition “The Yidan Prize“ have all teachers in primary and secondary schools who are the winners of the award “The Best Educators of Serbia“, who actively work in teaching.

The best educators of Serbia can apply for the prestigious competition via the application form which they receive from the Association Živojin Mišić.

Since the candidates for this competition cannot apply on their own, but only via the Association which is a national partner of “The Yidan Prize“ now, I consider this great benefit for our teachers, the Best Educators of Serbia.  

What is the prize?

The Yidan Prize is given to the individuals with the considerable accomplishments in education research and development.

Yidan Prize recognizes and supports individuals all over the world, whose innovations have sustainable influence on education system of today and the future.

The prize is given once a year and aims at strengthening the creators of the changes in education, building a global community of educated leaders and creating long-lasting, positive influence on mankind as a whole.

Every winner of the Yidan Prize (either an individual or a team up to three members) will receive a certificate, gold medal and HK $30 million (about US $3.9 million) of the award - one half is the award in cash and the other half can be used as a project fund in the period of three years.

You can read here more about the last year's winners of this prestigious competition, best teachers in education research and development and we hope that we will also see someone from the Best Educators of Serbia soon!

Hereby we would like to encourage both current and future generations of the Best Educators of Serbia to apply and show the world that Serbian education is at the world level! Applications are being accepted!


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