The best educators of Serbia held workshops at the “School starts” Festival

Portal Najbolja mama na svetu and Serbia's Best Educators had the opportunity to beautify the school's beginnings to the youngest ones in Ušće Shopping Center and Immo Center in Belgrade

Festival “School starts” is traditionally held for the fifth year in a row with the goal of beautifying the children another schooling.

This year Borko Petrović, an English language teacher from Elementary School "Stevan Jakovljević" from Paraćin, opened a workshop with a workshop entitled "In the world of values".

The youngest ones, using the QR codes placed on the back of the chair, scanned the same with the use of the tablet to find new words and come up with a solution to the task. The next game was to describe themselves with the help of words in English and thus come to the description of their personality. All of this with great and unforgettable help you are pining which has beautified the last game. With the help of a vitreous classroom, the children came to the task's solution. The correct answer opened the pinata from which many sweets came out.

Borko successfully linked the professional orientation with one, and interactive learning of the English language on the other, using information and communication technologies for educational purposes for acquiring skills for the 21st Century. The children responded greatly to the use of new technologies and confirmed that this is a field that educators need to exploit extensively in the future, using such commercial spaces and creative ideas for people from the organization of the festival in order to promote the quality education our children and the future have the right to.

Immediately after that, a great workshop was organized by Slađana Trajković, teacher of mathematics at the Technical School "15th of May" coming from Prokuplje, where, with the help of various materials, she learned the youngest ones how to make a kaleidoscope. Participants of the Kaleidoscope and Mathematics workshop were given the opportunity to learn how to make a kaleidoscope through a mathematical story: in a roller with mirrors placed at an angle of 60 degrees, pearls, colorful papers, pieces of glass were inserted, and thanks to the reflection of the mirror light, with each change The positions of the inserted objects have beautiful symmetrical images.

This was how it looked from Sladjana's angle: "In a pleasant working environment, the creativity of schoolchildren has come to its full expression, we had the opportunity to remind ourselves of the important mathematical concepts that were important for us to do this, and mothers joined us. The “School starts” Festival is a great opportunity for students to prepare for a new school year in a fun way. It was a pleasure to be part of this festival second year in a row."

The following day in the shopping center Ušće, a large number of children attended the workshops of our two Best Educators - Suzana Miljković, teachers from the Kralj Petar I school from Niš and Marijana Kolarić, a teacher who teaches at the Petefi Brigada School in Kula.

At Suzana's workshop "Igromat" children had the opportunity to learn through the concrete examples what a sensual deception is, that we can wrap their brains and the perception is often distorted, that is, the incorrect image called the illusion.

Also, children have learned which laws we need to discover in order to continue the ordered arrays.

"It's wonderful to see a smile on the faces of children when they realize how the illusions are going on in front of them. What is arranged is the question I ask them which initially causes discomfort because they do not meet this term in the younger classes, and they are not even aware that they learn about it and easily understand with the help of images. And then a smile and the request of another puzzle tell us that mathematics can be learned through the game, "Suzana revealed.

The goal of the Marijana's workshop was to make children through the game and the creativity of making various animals, magnets, letters recognition, reading through set tasks tailored to all ages, primarily fun, and through fun, they develop fine motoring, logic, functional thinking, creativity, precision...

"The children recognized the first letter of their name, recorded the rest of the name on the prepared paper and in that way we met, and I analyzed the level of knowledge of letters and reading knowledge due to the prepared tasks for the end. Then, along with my instructions and prepared templates as well as examples of pets, chopped, glued and made the selected animal alone, using a prepared template. The parents were helped by parents who also had fun. Through a guided conversation, they realized the role of magnets and they applied, through the game, the acquired knowledge of the flying animals on which they glued a metal screw."

In the end of the day in Shopping Center, we had the opportunity to attend Verica Lukić Space workshop as well as the music workshop of Mila Đačić.

Verica Lukić is a teacher at the elementary school Kralj Aleksandar Prvi Karađorđević, located in the Jadranska Lešnica. This time, together with the kids, they traveled to the cosmos with the help of a balloon, taught them about the secrets of the cosmos, listened to their understanding of the same, they dreamed together and discovered new things. With the help of darts, dominoes and basketball, they again learned about the cosmos. Children and parents again realized that the school really does not have to be a bug and that it is the best way to learn through the game.

At the very beginning of the workshop of Mila Đačić, teacher of music culture, teaching at the elementary school Sveti Sava in Grocka, we had the opportunity to hear the angelic voices of Mila's assistants. Mila's workshop, titled "We Dance Music", aimed to teach the children how to learn colors with colors, by making each note carry a certain color.

Mila shared with us the impressions how the workshop looked from her angle: "The workshop "We Dance Music", which I held within the "School starts" Festival, was new and an interesting experience for me, I believe, and for children. Youngest ones trampled their tones and colors creating music with the help of their peers, little Flutists. The influence of music on children can be said a lot, as well as the benefits that music deals bring. As an educator, it was enough for me to see the smiles of the parents who enjoyed watching their children as creative and carefree in their artistic creation."

The following weekend we had a good time with the Best Educators of Serbia at the Festival in the Immo Center.

Aleksandar Stevanović, a philosophy teacher at Tehnoart Belgrade School, held a workshop titled "How to Tell a Story". The aim of the workshop was to show the children how to create a whole world from one point with the help of the "Magic Witch" where the children imagined the world and magic things, draw characters on Pumpkin Seeds, and sailed with them through the world of imagination in which everything is possible. They had their heroes, animals, living beings and made fairy tales of their characters.

These are Aleksandar's impressions: "How to Tell the Story" Workshop began by drawing three spots in three colors. It was we, our greatest friend and our greatest enemy (he was drawn with the color we love the least). Paper was the world. Then on the cards we draw ourselves and our enemy, on white paper, imagining a little, the map of our magical world. In the end, we made the pumpkin seeds by drawing a hero and sent them into an adventure. We've bet the evil."

Dragana Milicević, a physics teacher from Kruševac, held a workshop "Measure through a magical world", which aimed at the children touching reality and embarking on the magical world of everyday life. They mastered the knowledge and skills using simple criteria so that the terms we use everyday, such as time, length, mass, volume, density ... become part of reality. In addition, the children were socializing and developing positive attitudes towards skills, school and work habits.

Dragan Kuveljić, a teacher from elementary school M. Stiković from Prijepolje, a candidate for the Best Teacher in the World, led the workshop "Love and how others see me". The children were taught how to show emotion and love for their friends, how important it is, and how brave it is. They played, danced, and sang, all in order to spread positive energy and learn what is the most beautiful emotion in the world.

Dragan says: "I was holding a workshop called Love, on the plateau in front of the Immo Center. The aim of the workshop was to release children to talk about the experience and expression of love and to differentiate the experience and expression of love. We started with a game for raising mood and energy, hands, hands. The children stood in the circle, played, talked about their experience of love, pointed hands and body, and answered questions. The pupils were in a position to cooperate, the theme and the way we presented it, and approached them and their parents who occasionally participated in the workshop. I had great support from a great teacher, Tanja Vrecko.

The festival is amazing. It is important to get the school out of the classrooms and make it accessible and visible to parents. Likewise, learning should be done by a dynamic and interactive process with a greater participation of all children. Learning where we will live is interesting for children. Learning through the festival, summer schools, stands and play in children brings satisfaction and makes them happy."

Danilo Borovnica, a teacher of mathematics at the Sveti Sava Elementary School in Kikinda, has taught his children how to use the coordinate system to draw forms on their paper that represent their name. The children were excited to learn how to "sign" in this way, and many of the elderly joined the workshop. Mathematics has also shown its funny side, from which much can be learned.

Teacher Danilo is full of impressions, he says: "The workshop I started at the Festival Starts School is another wonderful experience from which children learn a lot, both those who participate and we who hold the workshops. The festival is a great opportunity not only to bring children closer to what we work from, but also from a different angle. Participants in the workshop (children and parents) are thrilled with the way in which mathematics can be combined with art and many have taken the material to work at home which says that we have made some progress in expanding our mission."

Tatjana Marković Topalović, physics teacher at the Medical School Dr Andra Jovanović, who comes from Šabac, held the last day of the creative workshop. Tatiana is also a candidate for the best teacher in the world. This year she held the workshop together with the teacher Marinko Petković who comes from Novi Sad and teaches physics and chemistry at the School for elementary and secondary education Milan Petrović.

The educators presented us with a number of experiments, such as inflate gloves, where, with the help of acetic acid and bicarbonate soda, carbon dioxide was poured into the glove, an optical illusion with glass and water, made newspaper shooters, and simulated a thunderbolt, with the help of the end and the metallic hangers made the sound of the church bells and so they met with the breathing of the air. Males, as well as their parents, enjoyed the workshops, took the shotgun with them to show family and friends what they learned. And the experiment with hangers-ups also impressed the passers-by.

This was how it all looked from Tatjana's angle: "Children are curious and enjoy solving problems and creating experimental conditions. Their enthusiasm is in agreement with their curiosity. According to the outcome survey, most children understand experiments, they can repeat them together with their parents or teacher and will be happy to do so. We have clearly delineated what they have to do with the assistance of their parents (burning matches, cutting paper) and what they can do on their own and where they can be independent. The moderator's conclusion is that children are curious, interested in cooperation and learning on obvious examples. Also, their manual skills, such as precise bending of paper, the pouring of liquids and powders from one container to another are quite slow and imprecise, and they should work together with teachers and parents. In addition, it seems that in the regular school, little or no practice is experimental work and they are more oriented towards digital techniques, although their educators should find a balance between scientific and digital literacy, if they can be separated at all. It was a great experience, great day and lots of smiling and happy faces, parents and children with blessed help and support of the Association "Živojin Mišić" and "Najbolja mama na svetu".

Thank you once again to the “Najbolja mama na svetu” on a call, thanks to our Best Educators for the great content at this festival. Thanks for always taking a step ahead of everyone, and giving more for our kids!

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