The books Kako do posla u 21. veku + 444 saveta za uspešnu karijeru [How to Find a Job in the 21st Century + 444 Counsels for a Successful Career] have been given away in eleven more schools.

The book Kako do posla u 21. veku + 444 saveta za uspešnu karijeru by famous authors Dragan Varagić nad Valentin Kuleto has reached the libraries of eleven more secondary schools. Once again, the students from various parts of Serbia had the opportunity to become acquainted with this remarkable reading matter.

The Association “Živojin Mišić”, together with Dragan Varagić and Valentin Kuleto, gave away the first copies of the book even in 2016 when the project was started, through which he would give secondary schools in Serbia a few copies of Kako do posla u 21. veku + 444 saveta za uspešnu karijeru.

The aim of this project is to acquaint young people with this book whose contents talk about the employment in the 21st century in a non-everyday way and share its thinkings with readers, which have become our reality. This is the reason why we have decided to give this book to secondary school students and, in this way, help them recognise the real state on the labour market as soon as possible and what can be expected from them in modern times. The book contains, as suggested by the title itself, 444 counsels for a successful career which can help you not only reach the top but also stay there.

This time we have forwarded the copies of the books to eleven secondary schools in Serbia and our Best Educators of Serbia and the people who believe in this project helped us in promoting the book. We had the opportunity to hear numerous positive comments.

Učenici pet beogradskih srednjih škola dobili su svoj primerak knjige i to, učenici iz Ekonomske škole “Nada Dimić”, Tehnoart Beograd, Muzičke škole “Kosta Manojlović”, Farmaceutsko-fizioterapeutske škole Zvezdara i Zemunske gimnazije, čiji su đaci generacije dobili primerak knjige kao i školska biblioteka.  Beogradske srednje škole bogatije su za 43 primerka ove knjige.

The students of Medical Secondary School “Dr Andra Jovanović“ in Šabac, in whose library there are eight copies of this book now, also have the opportunity to take good counsels offered to the readers.

The Grammar School of Sremski Karlovci has been given 14 books for the students in senior classes. Their comments are in the continuity:

The counsels are very useful. They are the best what I can apply even in other spheres of life not just in finding a job. It is very useful for young people of our age.“

“One of the best counsels for me is that a critique should be considered as a space for progress. I have not thought so before. Even if you take out one thing from this book, it will be worth, and you will take out much more, certainly.

“Write in a literate manner no matter what you are writing.“ This is really very important and we are taught this even here in our school. Nevertheless, we are linguistic grammar school. One should share his knowledge, practice enthusiasm, not listen to everyone... Just some of useful counsels. Everyone will find something useful.“

Technical Secondary School in Loznica was given 14 copies of the book and just after a few days we received positive reviews. Students' opinions:
“The book contains a lot of useful things for young people who want to start their own business or to become employed. Since I deal with the earnings on the Internet, this book has made it possible for me to broaden my knowledge in the field of marketing and other areas.“

The book has taught me to believe in myself, to become faster and more creative and not to give up when a problem comes up. I would strongly recommend my peers to read the book because it will show them a path to their interests and true themselves. – Iva Avramović.“

“I think that there are a great deal of good counsels for building one's own career and for finding a job. I especially like the statement that both earnings and the possibility of employment via the Internet. Anđela.“

Paraćin has had the opportunity to have ten more copies of the book in its Technology Secondary School. We wish that they spread their entrepreneurial ideas with the counsels which they are going to read.

Secondary School of Economics and Commerce in Kula and Secondary School of Agriculture “Šumatovac” in Aleksinac were given in total 12 copies of the book Kako do posla u 21. veku + 444 saveta za uspešnu karijeru.

The students from Kula have shared their impressions with us:

“Books are often intended to confront us with reality and our own problems and with ourselves as well. They often give answers and help in solving problems. I believe that this book is also one of them, judging by its title and some parts through which I skimmed quickly.”

“I have not had the opportunity to read such books before but I will gladly find some spare time and study the reading matter. I like the literature offering young people counsels for the future, especially when they are related to their professional orientation, choice of their true vocation, the ways of preparing themselves for the challenges lying ahead. I believe that this book will be useful and that I will recommend it to my classmates and others as well. I thank the people who wrote the book and gave it as a present to us, students. We are the generations of the Internet and we forget that much can be learnt from books.” (Maja)

“The book is very useful for young people because there are a great many of counsels for the future on finding a job and gaining self-confidence. I really like the shaded part “read” because it gives very good links with useful things on the Internet and makes us use the Internet cleverly. I like it when the authors say that we do not listen to other counsels on the choice of a faculty but enrol at what we are interested in and that we can work and study at the same time with organizing our time well.” (Anđela)

Once again we would like to thank the great authors of this book, Dragan Varagić and Valentin Kulet for their exceptional cooperation. We have made the effort that every school in Serbia has the copies of the book and we are going to measure the success of this project through a number of students who have read the book and who have taken good counsels.

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