The competition for the 2020 Best Educators in Serbia has been opened

Let's find together the best teachers that our country has!

From the very beginning of ,,The Best Educators of Serbia"of "Živojin Mišić" Association for Entrepreneurship in 2014, we have been guided by the idea that we should encourage and reward teachers who make a positive difference with their work and who achieve outstanding results with students. Today, seven years later, that is what we want. We would like to support teachers who are generators of change in our society, who are a role model and inspiration to their students and colleagues, who encourage intellectual curiosity in their students and thoroughly engage them in the acquisition of new knowledge; those who have a lifelong impact on the generations they teach.

So far, we have found and awarded 79 such educators! Teachers and academics who proudly carry the title of the Best Educator of Serbia. This year, we are opening the competition for the Best Educators of Serbia for the seventh time and applications can be sent until July 1, 2020.

The competition is being opened at a special moment for our country, but also for the whole world. We are implementing it at a time when the planet is affected by a global pandemic, when schools are closed and teachers have an even more demanding role, because education must not stop. Therefore, in addition to the basic form for the Best Educator of Serbia, we are also opening an "extraordinary" competition and looking for the best teachers during the pandemic. najbolje nastavnike u doba pandemije.

Along with the teachers who fulfill what is required in the basic form, we are looking for a teacher who makes the education, teaching and skills of students exceptional during the pandemic. A teacher who combines education and life, who erases the boundaries of the obligatory and the necessary. One who uses his ideas to help students understand the meaning of life, compassion, rationality, empathy and optimism. This "extraordinary" competition is for all those who have decided to jump out of the all known frameworks and have decided to change the world from yesterday, to the world of tomorrow, together with their students. For all teachers who show exceptional skills, creativity is innovation in the state of emergency in which all of humanity has found itself.

Help us discover them by signing them up and standing behind all their values and qualities!

At this year's competition, we will select and award a total of ten teachers and / or primary and secondary school teachers in Serbia.

As in previous years, potential Best Educators of Serbia can be signed up by students, parents, colleagues, associates, anyone who thinks they know an exceptional teacher, through the application form on the Association's website, at the following link: The selection is made in several selection rounds, and the announcement of the best and the award ceremony are expected at the end of the year. All selected best educators are provided with a monetary award, most of which can be spent exclusively on improving activities with students, which supports their work and improves the quality and scope of their activities, and thus the educational system of Serbia.


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