The competition for the Best Educators in Serbia for 2021 has been opened!

Let's find together the best teachers that our country has!

The association "Živojin Mišić" launched the project "The Best Educators of Serbia" in 2014, with the desire to encourage and support exceptional teachers in our educational system. Primary and secondary school teachers who were awarded during the seven years of this project are distinguished by innovation, enthusiasm, commitment, activism, willingness to learn, improve and adapt to modern educational needs, to apply new methods and resources in teaching, to teach pupils how to apply knowledge and thus prepare them for modern labor market demands. They are the drivers of positive changes in their environment, pioneers of progress and achieving top-quality results, and as such, we can freely call them entrepreneurs in their business.

For seven years of realization of this project, we have awarded 89 best teachers from urban and rural areas. 

This year, we are opening the competition for the Best Educators of Serbia for the eighth time, and applications can be sent until 28.08.2021.

At this year's competition, we will select and award eleven teachers and primary and secondary school teachers in Serbia. Thus, our community of the Best Educators of Serbia will count the jubilee 100 exceptional teachers

As in previous years, potential Best Educators of Serbia can be signed up by students, parents, colleagues, associates, anyone who thinks they know an exceptional teacher, through the application form on the Association's website, at the following link:  

You can describe what is characteristic in their work, what activities and projects they implement with students, and how they change the community in which you live. You can send us links to sites, recordings, publications, and other materials that can testify to their work! 

The selection is made in several selection rounds, and the announcement of the best educators and the award ceremony are expected at the end of the year. A monetary prize has been provided for all selected best educators, most of which can be spent exclusively on improving activities with students, which supports their work, improves the quality and scope of their activities, and thus the educational system of Serbia. 

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