Association Živojin Mišić became a proud Global Teacher Prize partner!

Francis Bacon said that knowledge is power. And we believe that is it. Education is one of the most powerful weapons we have. But as with any power, it is important who gives it to us and in what way.

If we talk about education, that power is given to us by teachers. Good teachers are those who give the power of knowledge, and the best are those who reveal such knowledge with which we can change the whole world.

In the time we live in it, it seems as if it has been forgotten how important the role of the teacher is.

And their role is perhaps the most important thing in everybody's life. They are the ones who reveal the world to us, our abilities and the wings of our parents. For this very reason, in recent years, a lot of energy has been invested in the world to give teachers the respect they deserve and to adapt education to the newly emerging needs of the world.

What does it mean to be the best teacher in the world?

The Varkey Foundation is one of the organizations that has been dealing with this issue so far with the most serious problems. Their motto is that every child in the world deserves a good teacher. One of the founders of the Varkey Foundation, Sunny Varkey, came up with the idea that education is the one that will correct the world's greatest problems, namely: violence, power, and health. Because everything begins with education.

That is why the Global Teacher Prize project was launched in 2015. For them, the best teacher in the world is the one who has a positive influence on his students and the environment.

What is the Global Teacher Prize?

Global Teacher Prize is a competition that aims to change the perceptions of people about teachers on the world level. Which aims to reward the best in the world! To celebrate the role of the educator! People behind this project believe that teachers are the ones who change the lives of their students.

They believe in education and a better world tomorrow.

They believe that teachers should be trained as doctors, nothing less than that.

Some teachers say that this award for them is the Nobel Prize.

Some teachers say it is the greatest acknowledgment that some educator can get for their work.

Prince Harry says the role of teachers is most important in each of ours life.

Pope Francis expressed great gratitude to the Varkey Foundation for everything they did.

Salma Hayek claims that this is the beginning of an educational revolution.

And many other world statesmen have been fond of this project.

We say we agree with the opinion of each of them!

Today, when the Global Teacher Prize has been successfully completed for the third consecutive year, 20 countries around the world participate in this project! And Serbia has just become one of them!

In Serbia, the Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Živojin Mišić, for the fourth year in a row successfully completes the project of the Best Educators of Serbia! The goal of this project is the same as the goals of the Global Teacher Prize, which is to highlight prominent examples of education, to somehow acknowledge the extraordinary people who do more than they were expected to do, who cross the boundaries and who make Serbia a better place to live!

What is common to one and the other project is enthusiasm, desire and will, true education, positive change and power of work. These projects encourage the best teachers who change the world, inspire students and the environment they work in.

Serbia has not yet been an official participant of the Global Teacher Prize competition. Since this year, Serbia is one of the participating countries which officially organizes a national competition for the most prestigious award in the world!


The Association Živojin Mišić became a proud partner of the Varkey Foundation.

What does that mean?

This means that the project of Best Educators of Serbia has become a pre-qualification for the Global Teacher Prize.

This means that Serbia as a country will for the first time have representatives of national competitions that will be directly placed on the Global Teacher Prize.

This means that we believe in our best and that we believe they should be recognized at world level too!

The award given by the Association Živojin Mišić for all the award winners to the Best Educators of Serbia project is 140.000 RSD.

The award given by Varkey Foundation to the best teacher in the world is $ 1,000,000.

The difference is huge, but the goal is the same! We want a better education, we want a better world for our children, and the first step is to be a motivated and innovative teacher who will strengthen children, stimulate their creativity and learn them in accordance with the needs of the 21st century.

Anyone who considers themselves to be a top class teacher can apply for this prestigious award, others can also report to them. However, as the Association Živojin Mišić became a national partner of the Varkey Foundation, the best educators of Serbia have the privilege of passing on to the second round of the Global Teacher Prize. How to become the Best Educator, and what does it mean to us when we say that someone is the best in your business, you can look here.

How does the election work?

According to the rules of the Varkey Foundation, and as there is already a competition of the Best Educators of Serbia in our country, a commission will be established which will select from among the award-winning top educators up to five nationals who will be the national winners of the national competition. National winners go on to the Global Teacher Prize Global Contest!

After that, the Varkey Foundation will proclaim the 50 best candidates in the world, and then the top 10 that will surely be found in the UAE's annual award ceremony.

We believe our Best Educators have earnestly deserved to be among the best in the world.

We believe that Serbia is the place where such people are.

We believe our teachers can change the world!

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