We have candidates for the Global Teacher Prize Competition!

As previously announced, the Association Živojin Mišić became a proud partner of the Varkey Foundation, and therefore the Best Educators competition in Serbia became a retraining for the Global Teacher Prize. This means that we organized the National Competition in cooperation with the Varkey Foundation in order to select the official representatives of our country from the Best Educators.

A commission was formed and two representatives were elected at the national competition, they are two candidates who work in difficult conditions where they managed to achieve excellent results. This year, these are Marinko Petković and Zvonimirka Jovičić!

Marinko is a teacher of physics and chemistry at the School for Elementary and Secondary Education Milan Petrovic in Novi Sad. He works with children with disabilities in a remarkable way in which he succeeds in achieving superior results and preparing these students for a more independent life in an environment that is not particularly developed and adapted for this group of citizens.

Zvonimirka is a teacher at the elementary school "Moše Pijade" in Žagubica, who teaches in the separated department in Izvarica. She works in an underdeveloped environment in a combined department, making the significance of her work and success that she achieves particularly significant. Nevertheless, her work recognizes elements and methods that are particularly valued and that do not lag behind city schools.

Here are the video materials of our representatives, Marinko’s and Zvonimirka’s movie.

By choosing two candidates who achieve exceptional results with less gifted children or in difficult conditions, we want to send a message that such teachers are highly valuable and important to our society, but also to encourage them to share and promote their methods of work and success.

When we talk about the Global Teacher Prize, the commission believes that teachers with little resources are achieving great results, and in that sense these candidates meet those requirements. They make the world a better place to live. They are enthusiastic, have a great desire, will and faith in education and positive changes and the power of work. They are the ones who change the world, inspiring the students and the environment in which they work.

The first results of the Global Teacher Prize competition will be known at the beginning of December. We want our representatives a lot of luck in the competition, and we look forward to the results!

About how we became partners of the Varkey Foundation, you can read here.

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