Why are teachers important to us?

"A man must remain a student even when he becomes a teacher" - Srećko Lazzari

Do you remember your school days, teachers, senior officers? We are sure that at least once you want to thank them for what they has taught you. If at least one teacher left a mark during your education, and he influenced you to become a better person. We believe this is one of the things that those who educate us should do. Perhaps it is now a chance to say thank you to one of them.

Being a teacher is one of the most challenging and beautiful occupations. Those who understand this understand without further explanation. However, this is also one of the most responsible occupations. We all know that educating younger generations is not a simple, but very comprehensive and demanding job.

Being a teacher means much more than transferring information from pupils' textbooks, assigning homework and evaluating. Being a good teacher means that you are both an educator, a pedagogue, an innovator, and a motivator.

We believe that a good teacher should not have a "mold". To transfer knowledge with a lot of creativity and imagination, to enrich children with applicable knowledge and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. Educators must be a step ahead of everyone, because they shape our future. We know it's not easy, and it's difficult for a teacher to be perfect to all his students. But if the teacher listens carefully and understands the needs of the students, encourages them to overcome obstacles, motivate them, and give them the freedom to teach him something, we believe that he is on the right path. It is impossible to be a teacher and not to be a student.

These are the teachers we want to find. And we are working on it since 2014, when the project The Best Educators has started. We want to find the best educators in Serbia and to show them how important they are to the future of our society. At the moment in our professional family we have 59 Best ones! But we do not want to stop there.

Therefore, we want to invite you to help us in the mission of finding the best ones! Dear pupils, parents, teachers, professors, school directors, we invite you to highlight the best among you and give him the chance to receive the recognition of one of the best educators in Serbia!

Remind yourself of the lessons you have attended, who is your role model, what's there for you to notice, what do you remember with a smile from school days, and what is it that associates you with your special teacher. Share with us what's different about the person you are applying for, what he or her values ​​and how it improves work with children and builds them for the future. As it encourages entrepreneurial spirit in the youngest ones, which will be enable to be successful entrepreneurs, scientists, artists or whatever they wish. How did that person make you a better person?

Applications will be open until July 1st, and the winners will be announced by the end of the year.

Each award-winning educator will receive a personal prize of 40,000 RSD, as well as 100,000 RSD that he/she can invest in projects with children and improvement of teaching. Applications are open on the following link.

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